Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Breakfast with your 18” doll with L-bean’s Corner

I have to hand it to my daughter.  She is VERY creative. I would like to think she gets it from me, but she really comes up with stuff I would never think of doing.

Several months ago she had a tutorial on how to make Barbie Nail Polish.   Now she is coming up with stuff that is so much fun and things that you might be interested in, so I am officially giving my daughter her own section of my blog.  Called L-bean’s Corner.  Sharing with you stuff my 7 year old daughter is making that you can share with your children/grandchildren!!

L-beans Corner Button

This morning she saw I made a tinny, tiny pancake this morning with the left over pancake batter. Next thing I know she pulled up her AGD, Lanie, served her a pancake, toast, and orange juice. 


Here is how she did it.  A lid, a small pancake (made by an adult), and Cheez-it for toast, and medicine cup measurer filled with orange juice.

Breakfast is served!!!


The best part is my daughter ate it all (after Lanie had her fill)

So cute, so simple!!!

Thank you, L-bean’s Corner.

  L-beans Corner Button

Monday, January 28, 2013

Strictly Sunshine Pillowcase Dress Now Available

I posted about my newest pattern on Facebook but I have not announced it on the blog!  My newest pattern called “Strictly Sunshine” Pillowcase dress with instructions on how to make a party hat that will keep it’s form.

This easy pattern will take 30min-an hour base on skill level and preparedness.  (I find I waste more time looking for supplies then actually sewing, sometimes)


What makes this pattern unique?  There are two different techniques to make this.  One is with ribbon and the other is with elastic to help little hands get this dress on and off

I was blessed to have some awesome women test out this pattern.  Thank you so much to Jennifer C. Heather, and Carol!! 

As you can see you are can make your dress unique to your own style!

Jennifer Party Dress

Reversible dress!


Rather then bows on the side, buttons!


For all my readers enjoy 20% off all my patterns on my Strictly Homemade Etsy Shop. Use code



Thank you, and continue to make it Strictly Homemade!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Polka Dot Dress’s Infinity Scarf Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Kristy F. the winner of the Infinity Scarf Giveaway!!!

Polka Dot Dress Logo

Thank you to all of you who entered into the giveaway and your awesome feedback.  This is what Kristy won!!!


IF you didn’t win and see something you love, The Polka Dot Dress is having a BOGO 25% off right now! Buy anything and get the second item 25% off.

This means you can buy this. Coral me Happy Dress


and this… Starfish Bracelet


and freshen up your wardrobe and get ready for the summer!!!

Thank you also to The Polka Dot Dress and sponsoring this giveaway for my fans!!! We LOVE your stuff!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How to Make Tutu–No Sewing Needed

Have a little girl that loves to play dress up or dance?  Then she NEEDS a tutu!!
Tutu Tutorial 1
You can make this in less then an hour and it will cost you (without a coupon) about $8.00
Here is what you need.
Tulle Fabric on a roll and a crochet elastic headband (pictured).  There are other tutorials on the web to use elastic.  I recommend the crochet headbands.  Here is why: First it looks finished.  Second, over time the tulle is going to bunch on the elastic (I know I made one like that) this method the tulle stays in place and looks beautiful all the time.
I recommend cutting your tulle 18” lengths.  Rolling 2 at a time and cutting.  You will need almost 100-18” pieces.
This is the fun part…
Put the headband on your leg with the wrong side facing you.
Take your 18” piece and fold in half.
Pinch the center so most is gathered between your finger and from the underside push the tulle between the bottom hole. This way a loop is coming towards you.
Pick up the material inside the loop and pull through.
Pull tightly until it looks like this below.
Continue all the way around the bottom row.
Part two pieces of tulle and tie a knot on the 2nd row of openings.
Tutu Instructions
Filling on the second row.
Continue all the way around. This is how the front of the tutu will look.
If you want your tutu to have layers make your fold off center  this is how I made my niece's.  I used my hand as a guide to make it consistent all the way around.
A tutu using a headband tutu will fit kids from 6mo- size 7/8 children.  I had a FB fan challenge me on this fact so I snapped a picture of my 7 year old daughter wearing the tutu.

And then my almost 2 year old wearing the tutu!!! 

Cailyn in tutu
The options are endless on what you can add to your tutu.  I decided on my long pieces to add knots at the bottom.  You could add ribbon (use fray check at the end) glue on gems (not recommended for younger children) or add different color tulle.  Have fun and use your imagination!!!
Make it Strictly Homemade!!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Polka Dot Dress a New Sponsor with a Fabulous Giveaway

I am so excited to introduce to you Strictly Homemade’s newest Sponsor.  Mary Katherine has been a friend of mine since the summer of 1998!  We were roomies one summer at Meredith College. We got disconnected after college but thanks to the power of Social Media we reconnected.  Especially, when she started her online business The Polka Dot Dress.  The Polka Dot Dress online boutique has kept me accessorized and clothed!!!  Because of Mary Katherine’s  love for fashion and a good deal- this combination helps me, a busy mom of 3, stay in style without leaving my house and not spending a fortune!

Polka Dot Dress Logo

As a new sponsor on Strictly Homemade, Mary Katherine has been kind enough to offer one of my readers a fabulous giveaway.  I say this because I really REALLY want one.  First, I want to you to meet our new sponsor and my friend! 


By day this Raleigh native heads up her household as a stay at home mom of two very active toddlers. By night Mary Katherine, a "mom-fashionista" in the making, can be found running her online boutique, The Polka Dot Dress. This is her latest hobby/business venture.

At The Polka Dot Dress we have stylish new items and we look for new fashion trends everyday...while offering them to you at customer friendly prices. The Polka Dot Dress aims to give you the same feel and service of shopping in a small boutique, but doing so from your desk, home, couch or even on-the-go. We try to receive new merchandise weekly and show those items. We also show you how to take classic staples in your closet from different seasons and update the style with our goods :-)


Mary Katherine Pittman Preston


I am a native of NC. I grew up in Johnston County ...a little town called Pine Level. I then went to UNC Chapel Hill and Meredith College. I hold my B.S. in Business Admin. with a concentration in Marketing. I also have a minor in Psychology. After Meredith I returned to ECU to gain my teaching lic. in K-6. I currenlty live in RALEIGH, NC and love it! I am a former business professional + 2nd grade teacher.......turned STAY AT HOME MOM of two toddlers....I decided to start my own company last year and have loved every second. I am much more of a creative the details are something I am working on daily...but learning OHHHHH so much!

I love business, art, teaching, learning, inspiration, life, adventures, the beach, not worrying about the "small stuff", and much more. You can find out more on my blog......

A little more :

Dream Vacation: road trip around Europe

Shoes I Covet: My summer flip flops and Jack Rogers

Where I Get My Coffee: with two is home, the NH Target Starbucks.... or drive thru DD :-)

My Pet: Cheesecake Scarlett Preston little tabby that I adopted from the SPCA. I think it is important to "save a life".

My Lucky Charm: wisdom and faith (learn from the past and look toward the future ...that will be your luck in lots of cases)

My Desk: organized chaos (I'm so ADHD)

Where You’ll Find Me On Friday Nights: home with my husband and toddlers....curled up in bed or on the couch watching a movie...or out downtown somewhere....Raleigh Rimes is a fav.

My nickname: MKP or MKPP (now that I am married)

I can’t live without: Coffee !!!! and Sunshine

My passion right now: my children and little business ....I want to bring style to the women everywhere ...great prices...ease of shopping online...but the personal feel of a boutique in a small town...I want to show women how to take basics and add a touch of style without spending a lot.

Here are some things she offers on her website…

The Maridith Top.  She named this one after me!!!!  I am so honored!!!


The Coral Me Happy Dress.  (Love this one too!!)



Really, I love everything on her website.  MKPP understands mom’s needs for stylish clothes for moms on the go!!

My blog/website:

and working on my other site. (no longer consignment only new)

Words to live by: There is NO DAY like TODAY!

Now for my fabulous readers.  Here is what she is offering you.  A beautiful watermelon and white chevron infinity scarf with a monogram!! BEAUTIFUL!!! If you don’t win this one, go to her site and order one.  They come in multiple color options!!


Here is how you enter to win.  Giveaway starts now and ends Thursday 12PM EST.  Leave a comment on her Facebook Page and tell her Maridith sent you!!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, January 11, 2013

Strictly Homemade is a dot com

I am super excited to announce that Strictly Homemade is no longer has a in it's URL. 

I am now just....

Why is that important???

Not really sure but it makes me feel like my little website is a little more professional. :)

I am working really hard to make Strictly Homemade a success!  I have tons of things planned for SH and looking forward to sharing them all with you!! Recently I have concentrated my efforts on making 18" doll clothes and I am super excited about those. Homemade Clothes  you can order here...
New Patterns coming soon...
The Strictly Sunshine Pillowcase Dress with Party Hat
I will continue to share money saving tips on homemade gifts, homemade treats and much more. 
I hope you will stay tuned on Strictly Homemade!!! Thank you all for your continued support!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Meredith College Class of 2000 Inspired Doll Dress

I am so excited to share this post with my beloved MC Class of 2000 friends! This doll dress was inspired by the Class Doll of 2000.  What is even more exciting is you can pass on the tradition to a special little girl in your life and share a little history!!
I have designed a dress for 18” Dolls that is a replica of the Meredith College Class Doll of 2000.

2000 Doll Dress 1
Named after our Class Doll “Millicent” 
Here is the beautiful class doll (source) and where I got my inspiration!
  2013-01-03 13.43.32
Here is a little history for those of you who did not graduate from Meredith College.
Meredith College is an all women’s college in the heart of Raleigh, NC.  MC  was founding in 1891 and has a strong foundation of traditions. Our traditions is what keeps Meredith College one of the largest and strongest women colleges in the South!  A snapshot of our traditions… We have a yearly class competition called Cornhuskin’ it is hard to explain you just have to experience it.  Class Ring Ceremony, Mother/Daughter Tea, Father/Daughter Dance, Alice and Wonderland play, Formals, Daisy Ceremony and Class Dolls. 
Class Dolls have been a Meredith Tradition since 1902. Every class has made an unique doll and a time capsule piece of all the things that represent their 4 years at Meredith College.   They are ALL up in Johnson Hall in the The Margaret Bright Gallery for anyone to see. 
  Class Doll 2000
(Thank you Holly for the picture)
Each year the class votes 2 people to be the Class Doll Co-chairs.  They are in charge of  designing, creating and writing a synopsis of our 4 years at Meredith in a unique and memorable way.   Our class co-chairs were Holly and Tiffany (pictured below).  They are a dynamic duo and I couldn’t imagine two better people to create our class doll.  They did a magnificent job and one of the most unique and classiest dolls in the case!!!
(Thank you Shannon for the picture)
Here is what is written about our class doll (source)
Our doll is named Millicent Faith Hartford: Millicent because our class is the first class to graduate in the new millennium and century; Faith because it was faith that got us through; and Hartford in honor of the first female president of Meredith College, Dr. Maureen Hartford. Millicent is dressed for the celebration of the new millennium in a silver ball-gown skirt, complemented by a black strapless top and sheer beaded scarf. Her accessories include an invisible necklace with matching earrings, a twisted silver bracelet, and her Meredith class ring. Millicent has blue eyes, blonde hair, and her nails are painted dusty pink. She is placed on an oak stand to represent the Oak Leaves, our College yearbook. On the stand, there are hand painted daisies and ivy and an engraved plaque, which reads "Circle of Friends, 2000" to represent the never-ending friendships that we have made as the Class of 2000. The time capsule placed beside her is filled with many memories that Class of 2000 will always hold close to their hearts.
Co-chairs were Holly J and Tiffany K. Special thanks to Maridith K. (outfit), and Mike I. (accessories).
You can read all about the pieces in the time capsule on the Meredith Website. 
Holly and Tiffany were in charge of the doll and  picked me to make Class Doll’s Clothes (Class of 2000 grad).  It was such an honor to have a role in creating our Class Doll’s clothes.  I worked over my Spring Break with my mom creating clothes our class would be proud of.  Here she is as a work in progress.
2013-01-03 13.20.21
Now fast forward 13 years…and my daughter has an American Girl Doll  and I want to make her a dress inspired by my class doll’s dress.   That is when it hit me, I can’t be the only one who loves our class doll and would like to share that experience with their daughter. 
I am offering a “Class of 2000 Millicent Doll Dress” 
2000 Class Doll 1
This is a beautifully handmade dress that will hold up to the wear and tear of child play.  It comes with a velvet sash with tassels.
The dress bottom is silver and sparkly just like the Class Doll.
 2000 Class Doll 4
To show a little modesty this is a one strap dress rather then strapless.
2000 Class Doll 2
Little girls can get ready for a “MC Formal” or the princess ball.
2000 Class Doll 5
This dress has a fully lined bodice and the skirt seams are serged seams.  This dress is designed and constructed for play use, yet captures the elegance c/o 2000 represented.
Each doll will come with the c/o 2000 write-up so you can truly pass along what we did “way back then.”  The dress comes to you wrapped in acid free paper incase you don’t have any girls right now and can pass it along to your granddaughter one day Winking smile
**This dress will fit 18” American Girl Dolls, Next Generation Dolls, My Dolls Life, and other standard 18” dolls.
How you can order a little piece of MC history….
Option 1: Millicent Doll Dress without shoes
2000 Class Doll 1
Option 2: Millicent Dress with silver shoes
2000 Class Doll 3
Preorder sales will end soon then this will go on my Etsy page and the price will increase.  Order yours today!!!
Order here on my blog today.  It is safe and secure through Paypal.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Remember this is not made in China but by me and each one in handcrafted.  All shipping is $4.95 unless we talk before hand and we can schedule pick-up (Raleigh area only)!  If we schedule a pick-up I will send you an invoice through Paypal.
EDIT: Ordering for the Millicent Dress is closed.  If you are interested in this dress please email me at maridithdesigns @ I will put you on a waiting list.  Thank you!!

Order your Millicent Dress today!! Save it for a birthday gift, special occasions, Christmas , or a future granddaughter!! Don’t miss your opportunity to have a small piece of MC history!
A special thank you to Holly and Tiffany the creators of the Class of 2000 Doll!!! You ladies are awesome!!
Also, if you are reading at this and a graduate of Meredith College and would like me to design 18” doll clothes representing your class doll, message me at maridithdesigns @ Gmail . com.  We can talk!  I am working on the possibility of creating clothes for the next MC Reunion!! That would be c/o 2008, 2003, 1998, and 1993!!!
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