Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Custom Ring Bearer’s Pillow

Michigan Style!!

Custom Ring Bearer's Pillow 1

If you know me, you know I am not getting remarried and I am not a Michigan fan so you know this is NOT for me.

This is a custom order for Lillian.  She contacted me through my blog and requested a custom made pillow.  I thought I would walk you through the process so if you are ever interested in a custom design (clothes, pillows, curtains, etc) you would know the process.

How did I end up making a Michigan Ring Pillow?  A viewer from Canada contacted me asking me about a football pillow I made a long time ago.  She asked me if I could design her a Michigan style ring pillow. 

The design: we worked together through email and I sent her a couple drawings until we had the design exactly how she wanted it. Once the design and price was settled, I started working.

Here is one of the drawings.

Michigan Ring Pillow

The work in progress: I would email my customer with update pictures on my progress. I like doing because 1)it comforts them to know I am working on their project especially since many of my customers do not know me 2)It is always easier to change something during construction then afterwards!!

2012-10-24 14.46.39

The finished design:

Custom Ring Bearer's Pillow 1

To hold the rings down the aisle one of the hash marks is Velcro and will hold the rings.Custom Ring Bearer's Pillow

I was completely honored to help design a special piece of Lillian’s wedding.  This will also be a special keepsake for them too for many years to come.  

If you ever have something you want custom made, please contact me  I love to help make your vision a reality…Strictly Homemade!!

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Melissa said...

Very nice work. You did a great job designing a functional and fun pillow!!

I bet you it was fun to work on.

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