Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Breakfast with your 18” doll with L-bean’s Corner

I have to hand it to my daughter.  She is VERY creative. I would like to think she gets it from me, but she really comes up with stuff I would never think of doing.

Several months ago she had a tutorial on how to make Barbie Nail Polish.   Now she is coming up with stuff that is so much fun and things that you might be interested in, so I am officially giving my daughter her own section of my blog.  Called L-bean’s Corner.  Sharing with you stuff my 7 year old daughter is making that you can share with your children/grandchildren!!

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This morning she saw I made a tinny, tiny pancake this morning with the left over pancake batter. Next thing I know she pulled up her AGD, Lanie, served her a pancake, toast, and orange juice. 


Here is how she did it.  A lid, a small pancake (made by an adult), and Cheez-it for toast, and medicine cup measurer filled with orange juice.

Breakfast is served!!!


The best part is my daughter ate it all (after Lanie had her fill)

So cute, so simple!!!

Thank you, L-bean’s Corner.

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Jennifer said...

Maridith, this is too sweet! I love how creative your daughter is!
And...awesome chevron doll dress!
Seamingly Smitten

Gale Fitts said...

I love L- Bean's Corner! Very creative! :)

Anonymous said...

How Precious. That sounds like something my little one would do.
Can't wait to get her first American Doll.

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