Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Maridith’s Designs Girl’s Ruffled Fleece Cape- now on sale

Oh how I love a good versitle piece of clothing.  One that is comfy and easy to put on or off plus looks great dressed up or with just jeans.

Truly, the Ruffled Cape is that piece!!

Ruffled Cape 2

I made my daughter’s this cape last year and they wore it almost every day. Now I am selling them because I love them so much.

Ruffled Cape Selection 3

These come in 4 different styles with 2 different closure options.

Ruffled Cape 5

You can purchase this at The Polka Dot Dress on Facebook or my Etsy Shop Maridith’s  Designs use Coupon code STRICTLY10.   The price is the same at both shops!

This pattern was adapted from the Ruffled Cape at Seamingly Smitten.  If you don’t buy the cape from me buy the pattern from her and make one yourself!!!  You will be so glad you did!!

Ruffled Cape 3

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Mantel at Strictly Homemade

I have to be honest I am not one who decorates for the seasons.  Typically, I am too busy to fuss over that type of stuff.  However, this year I am inspired to make my home fall-ish.  Rather then going out and buying stuff of course I made it all homemade and “shopped” my house.   This whole redo cost me $0.

Fall Mantel 2

First I removed a Ducks Unlimited picture that was hanging in the center and leaned an old mirror up on our mantel.  I decorated it with a fun Fall Bunting from material I had laying around the house.  To give you an idea of how old some of this material is the ribbon is from my sister’s wedding (6  years ago) ha!  The bunting triangles are 7” wide and 9” long. 

The ducks are apart of our fabulous duck collection- did you catch the sarcasm?  I actually like the ducks but not all year round.

Then the heart shape frame is a fun project the kids and I put together.  Acorn Fall Frame

My son and I collected the acorns  (lots of them here in NC) then I found in my stash a blank frame with a heart center.  Ugh, must have been a Valentine’s project I never go too… oops!!


At first I was not thrilled about it having a heart shape center, but then it grew on me, because I love the fall!!

Here is another close up!

Upclose Fall Bunting

Here is the WHOLE fireplace.  This was one of  the selling points to our home and it has also been one of the hardest things to decorate.  Although, I have to give myself some credit, I think I did okay this time.  DSC_5823

I might have some other fall decoration ideas up my sleeve, but for now I am pleased with the $10 I have spent on my mantel $0 and my fall felt wreath to make my home look seasonal!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Organizing Life’s Paperwork

Have you ever noticed life has a lot of paperwork.  Between school, doctors, sports, organizations, church pretty much ANYTHING.  Someone is reminding you about something or something needs to be filled out. With 5 members in our home we have A LOT of paperwork coming in and out.  It all seems to get piled in one corner then I go on a cleaning rampage and then end up throwing out something I needed.  Oops.

I have tried many systems in my homes and most of them became a catch all for other stuff. The money I have spend on gizmos and gadgets is ridiculous.  I have finally found the perfect solution (meaning it works for an unorganized mom like myself)   Now that I know it works I can share.  My secret??


A simple tool used by many teachers as a writing tool but honestly the best tool for keeping paperwork organized.

I simply found some clipboards at the Dollar General $2.50 a piece.  I then used my Silhouette to cut out my children’s names and each kid has there own Clipboard.  My husband and I share one called “Family”

Then to put them in a place I use EVERYDAY-  I hung them inside my pantry doors.

Clipboard Organized 1

Have you noticed I am finding lots of ways to organize my life by going vertical? Check out our School Supplies Shoe Rack. 

Then on the other side is the rest of the crew.

Clipboard Organization 2

I hate to show you this but here is the view when my pantry doors are open.  Clipboard Organized 3

I would love to show you an organized pantry but I don’t have the time to organize it nor do I care too.  As long as I don’t have paperwork on every flat surface of my bar or countertops, I am a happy person.

This system has been in place since the beginning of school (July) and it has worked wonderfully!!! The bonus is if I do have to fill something out I can remove the clipboard from the wall and have a hard surface to write on.  BONUS!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pool Noodle Fall Wreath

If you know me you know I am cheap frugal.  I am always looking for a way to save a few bucks and try to make my home welcoming and beautiful at the same time.    I am going to show you how to make a BEAUTIFUL fall wreath for less then $10.  I am posting this especially for my sister who is making these for her MOPS group this fall!!

Fall Wreath 2012-2

Supplies needed. 

Pool Noodle, Burlap or any scrap material, felt squares, bow, and a hot glue gun

Now is the time to buy pool noodles… I hate Walmart with a passion but I willing to sacrifice to pick up some cheap noodles!

Pool Noodles

Here is how I made my wreath form…
Figure 1: Determine the circumference you would like and cut off the remaining noodle with a bread knife.  (be sure to cut off some even if it is 3”)
Figure 2: With the extra piece cut a wedge or keystone piece like so.  This will help make the wreath a circle rather then an oval.
Figure 3: Cut another wedge the length of the extra piece like so.  
Figure 4; The long wedge will be inserted in the center of the keystone piece.
Figure 5: Insert the long wedge piece into one end of the noodle and then the other.
Figure 6: Use clear scotch tape and wrap…
Figure 7: Your finished wreath form
Then wrap with fabric and decorate as desired.  Here are some close-ups of this wreath.

Once you have formed your wreath you are ready to wrap with your desired material.  I used a look-alike burlap that was in my stash.  I cut it 2” wide and needed about 6-48” strips.

Here is my pool noodle wrapped and my felt  ready to go. 


Rather then reinventing the wheel I am going to link up some awesome felt tutorials I found on the web.  DSC_5797

The Craft Shop will show you how to make these beautiful flowers (above) she calls them Pomela. Picture from The Craft Shop.

Then the rose bud looking flowers, is called a rolled felt flower.  The How-to Gal has a wonderful tutorial here.  Picture from The How to Gal

Once I made my flowers I arranged them on a large piece of felt and glued them all down.


Then trimmed the excess felt.


To place this on my wreath I just used push pins to put in place.  Therefore, I can CHANGE IT OUT!!!  Hello, multi-purpose wreath.


I then attached my bow which was the most expensive part of my wreath seeing as it was $6.99 but I can’t make a bow so it was well worth the money.

Here is my finished wreath.  Hello, Fall!!!

Fall Wreath 2012-1

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial for an inexpensive wreath!!! Lauren, have fun making these with your MOPS ladies!!

Another idea to get your home ready for the fall.  In a mini crock pot place orange peels, cinnamon sticks with water and let it make your home small all fall-ish!!!


I am sharing this at these great parties.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Homemade Pre-K Rocks T-shirt

Who is ready for Pre-school??? My son is so EXCITED!!

Pre-K Rocks 2

In preparation of the big day next week I decided to let his teachers know he loves school and is ready to learn despite the fact this actions may tell them otherwise. You know the shyness, the whimpering, fingers in his mouth, maybe some crying all to rip his momma’s heart out of her chest.  Therefore, I thought his shirt could do the talking for him.

I saw some of these for sale at $16 a pop.  I thought to myself.  I can make this for less then $5 and that is exactly what I did and you can too!

1 shirt from Walmart $3.77, fabric paint, freezer paper and a Silhouette template for .99!!

Here are the steps to making this totally rocking shirt… prewash your shirt and iron.

1. Create your template on your Silhouette or Cricut Software.  I reverse my image because I cut my freezer paper shiny side up (the side that irons down).   I purchased my guitar art clip form the Silhouette store.  You could create your own but my time is worth paying someone 99cents for their expert artwork!!

Pre-K Rocks 3

2. Iron Freezer paper on shirt

Pre-K Rocks 4

3. Paint and dry.  I got my inspiring artist of a daughter to do all the painting.

Pre-K Rocks 5

4. Let dry completely. Iron and you are done.

Yes mam we are ready for preschool.   Pretty sure this is going to make a great first impression on his teachers!!!! I have never put myself above a little brown nosing Winking smile

Pre-K Rocks 1

You could do this for all school grades. However I asked my 2nd grader if I could make her one and her answer was “No, 2nd grade does not rock it is boring” hmmm…whatever.

Enjoy and happy crafting!

I am sharing this at these great parties here and on Pintrest!!

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