Friday, August 24, 2012

Free 18” Doll Apron Tutorial

Did you know 2 weeks ago my free Winter Fleece Doll Pattern was featured in the All Free Sewing Newsletter? I was overwhelmed with the amount of requests for my free pattern.   I stopped counting at 200.

Hopefully, everyone who requested this pattern received it, if not, email me. (located on the right side of blog)

With the overwhelming request for the Winter Fleece Pattern I decided to make you all another FREE pattern for an 18” Doll Apron.  I just LOVE all the stories and notes I have received from people who are making these clothes for their children, grandchildren, children in need, sewing classes, etc.  It is wonderful I can help you all in some way.  Times are tough and everything is EXPENSIVE, so if I can help you all in some way make a child happy then I have done my job on this blog!!

  Onto the newest pattern…

Apron Tutorial Pic

Here are the supplies you need.

Supply List V2

Here is the pattern…

Apron Pattern Piece

1. To construct pattern cut a rectangle 3.5”X5”. On the top edge mark 1.5” from the edge.  On the side mark 2” from the top.  Make it a soft curve from the top mark to the side mark.  Your pattern is ready.

2. Cut 1 of face fabric and cut 1 of lining!  Be sure to place patterns straight edge on the fold of material.


3. If you are using bias tape be sure to sew your bias tape closed.  Cut your 36” piece of ribbon/bias to to the following measurements.

2- 13” lengths

1- 10” length

4. With the facing material right side up place your 12” ribbon 3/8” from the bottom of the armpit hole on each side.  Place your 10” ribbon 3/8” from the edge of the top of the apron. Then sandwich your ribbon with the apron lining.


5. This is what your piece should look like before you sew around all edges with an 1/4” seam allowance. NOTE: Please leave an open at the bottom to turn your apron inside out.


6. This is what you apron should look like after you clip your edges and curves and turn inside out. Press all edges.


7. You have several options here.  You can topstitch the bottom close or add some embellishments. I chose to add some lace (per my daughter’s request) but anything will work.  Have fun!!


We are almost done….

8.  Add a 1/2” X1” piece of velcro to the neck ribbon and add the other piece to the top backside of the apron placing it to mirror where you inserted the neck ribbon.


Can you see where I put the white velcro on the back?

You are done.  Or if you would like you could add another strip of lace to hide your topstitching from the Velcro.


Here is the back side.


Your now have a BEAUTIFUL apron for an 18” doll.  Enjoy and have fun with this pattern!!

Apron Finished

I hope you enjoy! If you ever get a chance to make this pattern I would love to see pictures and share to inspire others with all the creative possibilities!!

If you are interested in any of my other free or inexpensive patterns please go here.

I am sharing this at these great parties!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back from Vacation means back to work!

I just got back from a wonderful family vacation.  I mean WONDERFUL!  My family as well as my Mom & Dad, brother, sister & her family all met up in the mountains for some great quality time.  We went to a water park, to a Jamboree, Tubing, some went golfing, a little site seeing and mainly just hung out with the family!!


Here are 2 of my kiddos and my sweet niece at the water park.  So much fun!!


But now it is back to reality!! School has tracked back in and all the outside activities are ramping up again.  As the old saying goes…ask the busiest person you know to get something done and they will!! Well apparently everyone knows I am busy AND I do not know how to say no to anything!  However, by the grace of God I am getting everything done…I think. This includes all the requests for Doll Patterns, MOPS, Girl Scout stuff and the normal being a mom duties Smile

I am really working on some fun projects that I am  really excited about.  The crazy thing is most of the people I “work for” contact me through this blog and have some of the most fantastic projects they need completed. 

First a ring pillow!  Someone saw some of my pillows and asked me to make a ring pillow for her upcoming wedding.  The groom is a huge Michigan Wolverine fan so she is going to surprise him.  We worked together on email and this is what we have come up with…

Michigan Ring Pillow

We did decide to nix the astro turf but keeping the same design.  Won’t that be fun!!!

Then I am also helping design a local women’s baby bedding.  The only criteria was Pink and Navy.  I just sent her a sample of material today along with design ideas. 

Allyson Baby Bedding V1

I really enjoy making baby bedding so this is going to be fun!!!

Last but not least, I am working on a free tutorial for an 18” Doll Apron.  My hope is to have it to you all at the end of this week!!!


Yes, I am busy, but I am happiest when I am busy!!

Hope you are all doing well!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Custom curtain for a growing boy’s room and the process of ordering from Maridith’s Designs

A few weeks back I got an email from a very good friend of mine asking me to make a curtain for her son’s big boy bedroom.  He is now 6 years old and his toddler bedroom was just too babyish.  Although we live less then 3 miles away we did the whole ordeal through email.  I thought I would take you through the process so if you ever are inclined to ask me for custom curtains you’d know what to expect!!!

The order through email…A white unlined valance,  with random blue and red stars to fit a 34.5” curtain rod (it always helps if the rod is in place). Then she sent me pictures of her space.  I have to add…One thing I love about creating curtains for others is being able to create what other people envision. 

Here are her pictures of the newly decorated ‘big boy room’


Response from me: I sent her a quote and a time frame I would be able to complete the order.  If you order your own material you have it shipped to me.  If I order the material I require 1/2 deposit of the entire cost.

The consult.  I typically always send pictures during the process.  One, it let’s people know I am working on their custom order.  Two, it is that last chance to tweak the order.  After working a little with her request I sent her pictures of 2 options… She didn’t ask for another option but after looking at her pictures I wanted to give her another option.  Call me pushy but sometimes it helps to get another opinion.

I sent her a sample picture of what she asked for.Blue and Red

Then I sent her another picture as another alternative with some grey stars added like the bedding and pillow. 

Grey blue and red

Either one looked great but she ended picking the one with the grey stars as well. See a consult helps.

Before, I dropped it off I tried it on a window in my home.  Perfect. I hope she likes it!!Heather's Custom Curtains

My friend was kind enough to post pictures on her blog and give me a nice plug too.  Here is the picture in her son’s room! What a great big boy room!

She is happy. I am happy and the whole process was painless. 

Another friends request curtains from afar and it has worked out great.  Like this beautiful curtain. Hopefully, my friend will send me a picture of it hanging soon.


Contact me at and talk to me about some custom curtains you would like. I would love to help make your home beautiful!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Monogrammed Pillows by Maridith's Designs

It is so fun to make things that people really enjoy in their home. Since I have started my own Esty business, I have now fulfilled 4 orders for these beautifully monogrammed pillow covers. Here is the latest one I made.

I think what makes these pillows so unique is I personally draw the monogram myself which is about a 5 step process then appliqué it to the pillow. Therefore, each pillow is 100% original.

Here is a set I made for my in-laws on their couch. They live at the beach and doesn't this look beautiful?

If you would like your own pillow or set or have another color scheme in mind email me, I would love to make one for you!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Organizing School Supplies with a Hanging Shoe Rack

I will be the first one to tell you I am "organizationally challenged.”  ESPECIALLY since I have had 3 kids.  It just seems like the stuff keeps coming in and not enough out!  I have joked for a long time that I function better in chaos, but the truth is my lack of organization is very stressful.  3 kids, 2 adults all having needs to look for something at some point during the day and I am the only one who can find it means I do a lot of searching  OR screaming to someone “look in the bottom drawer under the 2 inches of coupon inserts from 4 months ago.”   Do you catch my drift?  I need help.

I have made it my goal before school starts, again, (we are tracked out right now) to help my kids and me from stressing out in the evening while doing homework.  I have made a School Supply Command Center…

Organized School Supplies  

I purchased a hanging shoe rack from for $13.99 and started filling!!   I hung this on the inside of my coat closet.  Can I just say I LOVE THIS!!!

I went a little over-the-top and this is not necessary but I decided to add vinyl labels to some of the openings.  This way people know where to put things back or I can easily see when supplies are low.

Unfilled row

I am working on collecting cans so when the kids need color pencils they can grab the whole container and then bring them back together!!

Shoe Rack layer

While I was putting this together I used my trick for using Press n’ Seal as vinyl transfer paper and it worked perfectly!  Very cost effective since this was such a large project!

Press n' Seal

I have come to realize there are some essential things all moms need to have in stock for homework time.  Here is my list for elementary age kids…

1. Erasers- You might as well buy the big pink ones and lots of them (do they sell these by the case?)

2. Pencils- no comment needed.

3. Glue Sticks.  My daughter had lots of homework that she had to cut the worksheet page and glue back on, liquid glue is just too messy.

3.  Pencil Sharpers

4. Poster Boards.  Buy them when they are BOGO free and store them in the back of a closet.  You will thank me for this one. 

The rest is common sense stuff, scissors, markers, & crayons.  Then I used this opportunity to put some of my stuff in there too. 

Now that we have a School Supply area in the house the only questions I want to hear at night is “mom can you reach _______ for me?”  I did put the scissors, sharpeners up high!

Organized School Supplies 2

You may notice some pockets are still blank.  I am thinking about the bottom row labeling a pocket with the kids’ names so they can put their winter gloves in there, but we see.  I would rather have room to grow then to grow out!!

This is my solution for school/art supplies!!! Hanging shoe racks!!  The best tool for the “organizationally challenged”

I am sharing this at these great parties!!

If you would like go on ahead and pin it too.

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