Thursday, May 31, 2012

Not all pants patterns are created equal…

Capri Pants 1

A while back my good friend gave (unloaded, but I am appreciative) her sewing supplies to me. One of the items in the goodie box was a capri/ skirt pattern. Last week I was in the mood to sew for myself and this pattern was on top of the box. At first I thought it was a simple elastic waist Capri pants pattern, you know 2 pattern pieces, elastic and you are done. Nope this one had 4 pattern pieces with a bias waistband. I was not sure at first what the difference would but I went with it.   Luckily, I had enough material because the material was purchased without a pattern in mind. Here is the pattern I used, Simplicity 7229.

Once I tried on the pants I realized immediately what the difference is from a bias waist pants to regular gathered waistband. (I only show my belly on the WWW so you can see the bias waistband)

Also, I removed the drawstring because I wear my shirts on the outside and I did not like the bump.

Benefits of Bias Waistbands
1.Waistbands on the bias follow curves much better then waistbands cut on the grain. Therefore, they lay flat!

2. Waistbands on the bias stretch and do not need as much material for you to get the pants over your hips. Less bulk!

3. These pants rest 2" off your waist. Exactly were I like to wear my pants. So comfy!

4.Waistbands on the bias disguises the fact that your pants are homemade! It is those extra steps that make your pants look fashionable and trendy!

The one downside to bias waistband

1. You need more material for the bias waistband because it is cut at a 45degree angle.

I will never again make elastic or drawstring pants without a bias waistband. Trust me once you make a pattern like this you will not either!


In my next post, I will show tips and tricks on how to customized these pants with back pockets. I can not wear pants without pockets for my cellphone!

Thanks friend (you know who you are) for this great pants pattern!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Photos- EASY

I am always so torn on what to get the beloved teachers in our lives.  I want to make something homemade but I really don’t know them well enough to know what they would like.  Typically I opt for flowers and a card  or a Starbucks GC (basic and a no brainer).   Then I beat myself up a little because I know if I put a little more time into it I could come up with something good.

This year I accomplished my goal!! I came up with homemade idea that is personalized and unique. A personalized photo of the kids listing what my kids say about why they love there teachers.   (their words not mine!)


How to do this…

1. It is really simple to do.  Take a picture of your kids next to a blank wall. Off center them so there is room to type on the side.  This is the unedited photo.DSC_4912

2. Open up a free photo editing tool on line and add your text and edit your picture.  Viola! You are done!

3. Send to your one hour photo place

4. Insert this picture in your card or frame it with a handmade frame!! I think this is wonderful keepsake for your teacher.  This is bound to melt some heart and show them how much you care!!

Here are some others I did for my daughters.Mrs Johnson

I also did one for my youngest daughter’s Physical Therapist.   Okay, Cailyn didn’t actually say this but if she could I am sure she would!Ms Leslie

The best part of this gift is it is personalized and costs 19 cents for the print!  Then you add a gift certificate and you are done!!

Have fun with this.  You still have time to make these this week Smile 

I am sharing this here.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sewing to release my nervous energy

What do you do when you are nervous?  Some people bite their nails, some people pace, some people sweat.  I would probably do all those things but I found one way to resolve some of my nervous energy by sewing.

Shirt 2

A few weeks ago I had to give a testimony to my MOPS group.  I was a nervous wreck.  I knew my testimony could be helpful to some of the women but my testimony touches on some subjects I do not like to speak about often.  Loss of a loved one, & grief, but the light at the end of the tunnel is my path to my strong faith in God.   Although, I believe in the power of testimony I like hearing them more then giving. 

The night before I was to give my testimony I went up to my room to write down my notes and nothing was coming to mind.  My mind went blank.  While I was sitting their I saw piles of material just calling for me.  I should mention, in my room is also my sewing area and it is really easy to get distracted…and boy did I got distracted.

I decided I needed to make a new shirt for my testimony (this is my way of procrastinating too).  I pulled up a pattern from Seamingly Smitten Called the Miss Mod Top and got to work.  I worked for about 2 hours and this is what I made…

Shirt 1

(This is me after the testimony can you sense my relief????)

I did make a few alterations…because I encompassed some of the design elements from another one of her pattern Jenny Lynn Shirred Dress.  If you are interested in all the changes I made you can go to her blog Seamingly Smitten and look it up. 

After finishing my top, I got my confidence up, released some of my nervous energy, and wrote my testimony.  The next day I gave my little speech (in my new shirt) and it felt good.  The best part of giving a testimony is it allows other women to see the value in opening up and sharing what is on their hearts.  I would say the whole experience was a good one for me and I highly recommend sewing when you get nervous…it make you think better!

I realize most people do not sew to release their nervous energy, but we all do something. Maybe it is time to make it your nervous time into a productive time!! It is worth a shot, it works for me.

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