Thursday, April 26, 2012

Big Custom Doll Clothes Order Complete

I just wanted to share with you the results from a rather larger custom order for Doll Clothes.  One of my favorite customers came by and dropped of a shirt, a silk pair of pajama pants and 3 cloth bags that use to hold sheet sets and gave me little instructions on what to do with them. 

The one item she was very specific about was the shirt.  It use to belong to a friend who passed away and she wanted to do something special with it.  She decided rather then keep it in a drawer she would make doll clothes for her kids.  Here are the three dresses made from one shirt…

Special Shirt to 3 dresses

I had a before picture of the shirt but I trashed it (apparently I do throw some stuff away!)

Then from the bags that held the sheets I made the following outfits…


Casual DressWorkout Clothes

Last but not least a dress I made from pajama pants that I hemmed to make shorts for her…I made an adorable reversible dress.

  Reversible Dress 1Reversible Dress 2

This will be my next pattern I will have out under Maridith’s Designs!  Hopefully within the next week.

If you are interested in me making some custom doll clothes for your daughter/granddaughter email me at maridithdesigns @ and I will give you some more details.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The BEST No Bake Granola Bars

I have become like a crazy person trying my best to make everything homemade.  ESPECIALLY after watching Food, Inc.  Oh my goodness!  I will never look at McDonald’s or the grocery store the same way again.  Ugh!  What a messed up food system we have.  Bottom line…if you want what is best for your family buy locally, know what you buy, and what you put in your mouth. A good rule of thumb is if you can’t pronounce it you shouldn’t eat it. Period.

With a whole new mindset of what we eat, I am always on the hunt for a healthy, nutritious, homemade alternatives.  Today, I am sharing with you a No Bake Granola Bar that that guarantees you will know what you are putting in your mouth PLUS it is so inexpensive to make. 

No Bake Granola Bars

This recipe I found on Pintrest from Lauren’s Latest and it is by far the best recipe for Granola Bars I have found.  Why go through all the trouble of baking when in less then 10 minute you can have chewy, semi-healthy granola bars.  In Lauren’s Latest recipe she made enough for a half of a cookie sheet.  In my recipe I am doubling it because it is that good!!

No Bake Granola Bars (adapted from Lauren’s Latest Recipe)

6 tablespoons butter
1/2 cup honey
2/3 cup packed brown sugar
4 cups quick cooking oats {not rolled oats!}
2 cup crispy rice cereal (Rice Crispy Cereal)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
2 tablespoons mini chocolate chips  ( I had regular size and chopped with into smaller pieces)

In a small sauce pot bring butter, honey and brown sugar to a boil.  Make sure all of the brown sugar is dissolved.  Then off the heat pour in the vanilla.  In another bowl, mix together the oats and crispy rice cereal.  Pour the melted butter, honey and brown sugar over the dry ingredients.  Mix well.  Pour onto a jelly roll cookie sheet.  Press the oats so that everything sticks. Then press mini chocolate chips onto the top.  Let cool. Cut and enjoy!! 

**In one batch I added 1/4 c. of coconut flakes and 1/4c. of sunflower seeds and my husband was in heaven!!  Add anything that fits your fancy!


I made this for my son’s soccer team snacks and most of the kids came running around for seconds!!  I just wrapped with bars in wax paper and presto I had non-processed yummy treat for the kids!! DSC_4810

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fabric Cash Envelopes

Yesterday, I spilled my beans how I am starting over a new leaf and working very diligently on the Dave Ramsey Envelope System and starting my own side business.  Thank you so much for your support! I really appreciate it!

In speaking of the Dave Ramsey Plan and getting all Gazelle…I want to share with you how I am trying to make this a little bit more “cute” for me!!

Once I had my budget in place it was time to categorize our money.  I have tried to use paper envelopes from the Financial Peace Box…but after a couple of uses the paper envelopes tore and started falling apart.  Now that I am really serious about being on a Dave Ramsey program I decided I needed another alternative to paper envelopes, plus who wants to really pull out the paper envelope in the grocery line? 

Here is my solution and a little more discrete…cloth zipper envelopes!

Fabric Cash Envelopes

The best part, is I made these with things I had so they did not cost me anything out of pocket!

I tried to  make them a little masculine so my husband would like them!  Of course, when I showed it to him he just said “you hold on to that and just give me money from the proper category!” I think that it is because it is cloth~ but it is plaid!!

Moving on…

These are lined envelopes made with mismatched zippers I had laying around the house…


I used some fabric paper and printed out some labels so there was no confusion as to what is what! 

The dimensions of the fabric before sewn is 4.25”x 8.5”. & I used a 7” zipper.  You can find some great zipper bag tutorials on the internet, one that I really like is from Skip to my Lou.

So, now that I have my envelopes ready I am really serious…Smile 

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A new season for Strictly Homemade

Hi friends, last week I kind of left you hanging on what is going on with Strictly Homemade.  First I have to tell you,  I am fine, my kids are fine, honestly everyone is great.  My daughter has been tracked out (she is in year round school) so I have been taking time off to travel and spend this time with my kiddos.  What I have been doing with some of my time off is taking a good hard look at where I am in my life and reassessing things. 

Well, I started reading some scripture. Here are a few that really hit home to me…

Proverbs 11:1

"A false balance is an abomination to the Lord, but a just weight is His delight."

I need to let some things go!  I need to refocus and slim down things that take occupy my time so I can focus on other things!

The first thing to find some balance is I am going to stop Strictly Homemade Tuesday’s Linky Party.  Every Tuesday I have a linky party called Strictly Homemade Tuesday.  It is an amazing way to connect to other bloggers.  However, I am finding I am not even diligent enough to comment on the sweet people who take the time to share their latest creations.  Strictly Homemade 4 the end

I am sad to see it end, but then again I am honestly not able to give it the time and attention it needs so it is time!  Thank you to all those that linked up every week! I so appreciate your weekly visits!!  I have also said no to other things in my life but you wouldn’t be interested in that!


While reassessing things I realized I have NOT been diligent in working with my husband on our finances.  I am a stay at home mom, no income, the only thing I really have to offer is my love, and hard work to keep a house (trust me I know that is enough but I need to be able to contribute something!.) Many times a week I feel incredibly guilty because I have no financial means to offer our family.  While I was praying one night it hit me that I need take an active part of our finances, I realized part of my guilt was not knowing what was really going on!  Then I read this passage…

Proverbs 27:23

"Be diligent to know the state of your flocks, and attend to your herds."

WOW, talk about speaking to me.  The worry, the stress I feel on a daily basis can be eliminated if I am diligent to the state of my flock (finances).  It has been about a month and I have been now taking an active and proactive part with our finances along side my husband and it feels good.  We are talking about our short-term goals, long-term goals, and the little voice that makes me feel guilty is not as loud, because I know where we are and what we need to do.  I  have been rereading the Financial Peace University book by Dave Ramsey and I am on board.  I want peace!!

Part of this peace is me making every effort I can to help my family obtain the goals we have outlined.  One way to do that is to get gazelle in my efforts.


Dave Ramsey metaphor (not mine). I am spending more time planning our meals, watching ads and finding every which way I can to cut costs and sticking to a budget! It is a huge improvement for us.  At the same time some other things have been trickling back into my heart.

Psalms 20:4

"May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed."

I do believe God works in strange ways, over the course of a few weeks, I have been commissioned by several people all over the country (that I do not know nor have I advertised) for me to make different things  they have seen on my blog.  Here is one example…


Then another to make these… I forgot to take a picture of her koozies but you get the point.


My desire to have my own business has pulsed through my veins since I was a child and I use to sell my brothers and sister candy for a profit! haha! Now, as an adult that desire is still really strong but I am praying every day for the Lord to show me the path in helping me, so I in turn can help my family. I was not really seeking work, it found me and has worked up my courage to really start working on my own side business! 

To offer custom pillows, custom gifts and 18” doll patterns from Maridith’s Designs.  

Maridith's Designs 3

I am super excited about this adventure and really feel now is the time.  I am driven to help my family and share my talents with other.  I will be posting in the next few weeks more about my adventure but I think you get the point.

So what does this mean for Strictly Homemade?

Will I become one big advertisement for my stuff?  No.

Will I show my latest designs that I am selling? Yes.

I will also be sharing with you ways that I find to cut costs, make things homemade, and fun cheap ideas!

If you reached the end then thank you for taking the time to read!! I am excited about this new adventure!! I am nervous and excited at the same time. 

Proverbs 16:9

"A man's heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps."

Isn’t it amazing what happens when you trust in the Lord?  He always has the answers

Monday, April 9, 2012

Hope you had a nice Easter- where has Strictly Homemade been?

We had an absolutely wonderful Easter on a glorious and wonderful Sunday.  Wow, what a blessing. I hope you all had just as nice of an Easter. 

I realize I have been MIA from Strictly Homemade.  I’ve had a busy spring break.  Visiting family, traveling, and getting some much needed R&R.

I started my Spring Break visiting my sister who just had a new baby!  This is her precious family…


Then my big kids went to visit their paternal grandparents.  They had a blast being with their grandparents! I honestly did not do much while they were gone.  Call me lazy but I call it R&R!DSC_4684

Then we had Easter.  We just relaxed and had a good time being with family!  Here is my goofy family~~ Love these guys!


I can share with you one homemade treat…I made my youngest daughter’s Easter Outfit.  I love this outfit, and hope to make many more for her to wear!  It was made with a pattern I received from Seamingly Smitten.  If you love the boutique look check it out!!

Cailyn Easter 2012

I will have more to post in the coming days.  In my time off I have done a lot of reflecting, praying about were I am in my life. Once I am ready I will give you a details as to what to expect from Strictly Homemade! 

Enjoy this beautiful weather and give thanks to God everyday!

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