Monday, February 27, 2012

Strictly Homemade Tuesday 2/28

Hello friends! I hope you and your families are all doing well.   Seems that most households have been sick and ours is no exception.  You know sickness can really put a damper on your creative juices!!  Haha!  For me, anyway.   Although I might be slow in anything new and creative I know you all have lots to share with us!!

Strictly Homemade 4 125x125

I will be featuring last weeks linky party on Thursday!!!  Can’t wait to see what you are all up too!! Hope you all stay healthy!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Strictly Homemade Tuesday’s Features from 2/14/12

Today I get to share with you 2 of my favorite and most popular posts from the linky party on 2/14/12. Valentine’s Day! 

The first one I am so excited to share with you because you know I really enjoy making 18” doll clothes and patterns.  Well, Caught My Fancy made an 18” doll house from an old entertainment cabinet.  It is BEAUTIFUL!  I am so impressed.  My daughter would love this! Check out all the details.   I just noticed she put a light in this house.  Wow!! 

Next from Ellementary Home, Elle made this beautiful Cross-stitch Family Portrait. Isn’t this just beautiful? I would love one of my family.  This would also be great gifts!!  I do not cross-stitch but my MIL does.  Guess what I am going to ask her to make?!?  It actually looks simple enough to make!!   Maybe I will when my life slows down a little!!   

Thank you so much ladies for these fabulous ideas!!! You all are so inspiring.  Don’t forget to grab a feature button. Also, these ideas will be pinned on Pintrest for the world too see.

Have a wonderful Thursday.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Press’n Seal as Restaurant Table Protector for Kids

We do not go out to restaurants often, but when we do I try my best to protect my kids food with napkins, burger wrapper, etc.  Last week for a Valentine’s treat the whole family we went to a Hibachi Restaurant.  I wanted them to experience the show and cooking at the table. We had the best time!  It  dawned on me I had NOTHING to protect the table for when my 12month old to eat her food. 

As we were walking out the door, I came up with the best solution and I thought I would share it with you.  Glad’s Press’n Seal as my table protector.  (no I am not paid to endorse this product but I should be, wink!)

Table Protector 1

I had some because I now use it to transfer all of my Silhouette Vinyl.  I packed a 24” piece in a baggie and off we went. 

Table Protector 2

It was a little wrinkly but it did the job. It projected her food and when we were done I just balled it up and the bus boy took it away!! Fabulous! 

I should note: I am all for recycling and I know I should use the laminate ones but let’s be serious…I am a mom with 3 kids…like so many other things I stuff it in her diaper bag and forget about it.  The next time I use it it is crusty and nasty, she might as well eat off the restaurant table.  Ugh!

For me Glad Press’n Seal as a table protector is a win-win.  It is cheap and it is disposable. 

I hope you enjoyed my little tip for today.  If you would like go on ahead and pin it!!

Pin It

I am sharing this at these great linky parties!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Strictly Homemade Tuesday 2/21/12

Happy Tuesday Friends.  I hope you are all doing wonderful and I am so glad you are here.  Whether it is to share with us some of your homemade creations or to browse through some homemade inspiration- you are always welcome here!!

Strictly Homemade Tuesday

Don’t forget on Thursdays I share with you the previous week’s Featured Projects.  Be sure to check out my favorites of the week.  If you are featured here I also “PIN” your project on Pintrest so the whole world can be sure to see your stuff.  And no it is not a link to my page then to your page.  It is a direct link from your page Smile

Thanks again for joining me this week.  Be sure to stop by a few blogs and leave a few kind words.  You know comments fuel creative souls!

Have fun!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Pintrest is making me domesticated

When I originally created this blog in 2010- is was pretty much all about Homemade Crafts, home d├ęcor and sewing projects.  I have never claimed to be a good cook nor will I ever, but I have to say Pintrest is making me feel like “maybe I can cook” and do it Strictly Homemade at that!! 

Here are some of the things I have been up to this week. 

First, I have decided I am going to start making homemade bread for my family.  Not only is it cheaper but I know what all the ingredients are!  I found this wonderful recipe from Blogher for White Sandwich Bread for the Bread Machine.  It is WONDERFUL!  I make mine with coconut oil and the kids are loving the switch.   Thank goodness for my neighbor’s bread machine because there is NO WAY I would do all this by hand.  I might like things homemade but my time is valuable!

photo credits

Next, I decided to try my hand at homemade yogurt.  I found this recipe here from Pintrest and it gave great instructions but while I was in the middle of making my yogurt I realized her math equation of adding starter was OFF!! She says: 1/4 cup of yogurt starter per quart or 2 cups per gallon.  Hello Mcfly, 4 quarts to a gallon would equal 1 cup not 2 cups.  I panicked... I decided to call my friend Elizabeth.  Sometimes you really can’t believe everything you read. Luckily I talked it through with the expert and everything turned out great.  You only need 1-2 tablespoons per quart.  I am loving the fresh homemade yogurt.  We have eaten 2 quarts of yogurt this week!


While I was making homemade yogurt I was jamming to some Pandora 80s music!! I kept on thinking to myself how cool it this I AM MAKING YOGURT!!!  I think the next batch I am going to make is a Greek Yogurt version from Pintrest.  I like this yogurt but it is a little thin. I will let you know next week how it turns out!

Next, I am looking for my kitchen time to be more efficient.   I have 3 kids, I am busy.  My friend has a wonderful blog named Feeding Four and she shows us a recipe to Stock up Brown Rice in the Crockpot and then freeze it.  It is wonderful.  I made 18 cups of brown rice ready for 6 meals!! I did this the same day I made my homemade yogurt!  Now whenever I want rice I just pull out a bag and place it in the microwave.  It takes 3 minutes total verses 40 minutes per batch.  DSC_4138

I have also made homemade granola bars, 2 crockpot meals from Pintrest, and Kale Chips.  Some have been homeruns others have been disappointing. 

I don’t want to slam anyone’s recipe but here are the two recipes that failed this week for me.  It could be the cook not the recipe!!!!

Teriyaki Crockpot Chicken.  Too many steps for a crockpot meal (if you ask me)

Granola Bars (mine turned out really crumbly but it does taste good on my yogurt)

Other recipes that are fabulous…

Olive Garden Salad Dressing (pretty sure I could drink this stuff)!!

That is my summary of Pintrest stuff for this week.  I like the fact that I am not just a stalker and pinning to  just pin.  I am a pinner and I am MAKING the things too!!! See Pintrest is making me domesticated!!  How is Pintrest helping you????

Have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

New 18” Doll Pattern Coming Soon “Karen”

Here is my newest pattern I am working on. 

Karen Ballroom Gown 1

A one strap ballroom gown called “Karen”

Karen Ballroom Gown 2

The pattern should be on sale soon!!!

**Plus, if you are a Facebook Fan of Strictly Homemade I will be having a giveaway of this pattern!!! You might want to like Strictly Homemade if you want a chance to get the pattern for free!!

Strictly Homemade Tuesday Features

Hello friends.  I truly hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day.  Whether you celebrate or not I hope it was just a nice day.  My hubby and I don’t really “celebrate” Valentine’s Day but he did do the dishes and clean the kitchen so seriously it was the best gift EVER!!  He is starting to figure out it is the simple things in life that make me happy!! (It only took 10 years ) LOL


Strictly Homemade Tuesday

I can’t wait to show you this week’s features.  These are features from Strictly Homemade Tuesday 2/7/12.     Sorry, that week the buttons were so small that week.  My bad!

Although the buttons were small the ideas were awesome.  Here are two unique and fantastic ideas that ANYONE can make. 

First, from the Crafty Scientist she made this beautiful wreath that is interchangeable.  She can pull off the hearts and make this wreath for all seasons.  Brilliant idea, less storage!

Then I Can Find the Time (love her blog name) made these beautiful Fabric Silhouettes for her baby’s nursery.  She has a fabulous tutorial and it looks super easy with a BIG impact!


Thank you so much ladies for linking up.  Not only are you featured here but I “PIN” your posts onto Pintrest so millions of others can see!!

Thank you everyone who links up week after week.  I just LOVE looking at all your ideas.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Strictly Homemade Tuesday & Happy Valentine’s Day

First, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!! Hope you are celebrating today with someone you love!  Or if you are not celebrating with someone you love or do not like Valentine’s Day just use it as a good excuse to eat chocolate!! {wink, wink}

Strictly Homemade Tuesday

Before we get to the linky party. 

I have to ask was anyone else up late the night before Valentine’s Day putting their kids’ valentines together?  Holy cow!  I was only planning on making Valentine’s for my son’s preschool class (you know, last minute). Then my daughter (1st grade) smashes my procrastination plan when she rolled in off the bus and the first word out of her mouth “mommy, we have to go to the store and get Valentines.  My teacher says we have to bring in one for everyone.” Thank goodness, I got a fresh stack of cardstock from my friend.  I had her cut out hearts and write on each of them then added a lollipop.  DONE!!  It pays to have a candy stash and a craft supply stash!! haha! It was nothing glamorous but she will have something for tomorrow!! Wednesday I will share with you the Valentine I made for my son’s class. 

Back to the party.  You know I love all your links and I am so happy you are here.  Thank you for choosing Strictly Homemade Tuesday to link up your most recent creations.  “Where Homemade Rules and Prefab Drools”  Love that slogan!!  Don’t forget this Thursday I will feature some of your creations from last week.  When you are featured here I also pin your link onto Pintrest so millions of others can see your creation. Thanks again for linking up and/or browsing!!

4 Birthdays One Weekend- All Homemade Gifts

If you are a fan of mine on Facebook you saw that I was busy last week making lots of birthday gifts for the up coming weekend.  I really enjoy giving homemade gifts but sometimes I can not come up with much that is original.  I mean, I have done the hooded towel , the superhero cape, a Sherriff Vest, but as the kids get older I need to come up with some other things.  For this round I was pleased with what I came up with…

My son was invited to (2) four year old boy parties.  Each of them received a personalized t-shirt with a Green Lantern Logo.  I used my Silhouette to cut the Green Lantern pattern and name out of Freezer Paper.  Then I used green paint and Fabric Medium to paint the material.  The shirts turned out better then I actually expected.



For presentation I rolled up the shirts inside a rolled coloring book.  It was super cute and the kids really seemed to like them.  Of course, this is not going to be the BEST birthday present ever but the moms will sure appreciate not having one more toy!!  My son has even requested his own green lantern shirt with his name on it too!!

Next we were invited to a 4 year old girl’s birthday.  She is the cutest thing she always has a bow in her hair yet she can give the boys a run for their money.  Let me tell you she is tough!  For her I decided a super hero cape was in order but this one is reversible.  One side is the princess's side the other the girl superhero.  Then for a more feminine touch I added scalloped edge on the bottom!!

Reversible Cape

Last but not least, for my daughter’s friend who turned 7 I made a make-up holder.  Personalized with her name. I shared my Press’n Seal as Vinyl Transfer really works!  This technique was used on a storage container.  The gift included inside lotion, lip gloss, eye shadow and nail polish.  Alicia's Birthday Gift 2

Since I am on a STRICT budget these days {as many of you are} here is the cost breakdown…

2 Green Lantern Shirts & 2 coloring books – $10.40

Girl’s Superhero Cape- Nothing (I had all the material)

Alicia’s Make-up Bucket with make-up- $7.50

TOTAL= $17.90

The costs saving makes me giggle because I could of easily spent $60 on 4 birthday gifts, but what makes me even happier is giving someone personalized gifts that are from the heart.  Where I try to consider who the recipient and make them something custom for them!!

You might be asking yourself- why would you accept invitations to go to 4 different parties?  It was amazing the timing of them worked out and although we were on a schedule it was a great weekend.  (no time for fighting amongst the oldest kids) LOL!!

Today I am sharing this at these great parties!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Press’n Seal as Vinyl Transfer- REALLY WORKS

I am always on the hunt for a money saving tips and when I saw Leirad's Card Making Corner’s Inexpensive way of transferring Vinyl I knew I had to try it.  The whole concept is use Glad’s Press’n Seal as the vinyl transfer and save lots of $$.

Here is the savings…

Press’n Seal $3.00 for 23.7 yds= 10 CENTS a yd

Silhouette Transfer paper $14.99 for 6yds =40 CENTS a yd.  Plus, I haven’t even included the shipping costs!

Plus, if the Press’n Seal fails I can use it in my kitchen!!

Here are your typical supplies for vinyl application including the Press’n Seal

Vinyl Transfer Picture

Apply the sticky side of the Press’n Seal to the vinyl cut out.  And use a scrapper (anything you can find in the kitchen) to help it adhere to the Press’n Seal   Be careful, this stuff is thin and can tear!

Scraping onto transfer paper

Here is the moment of truth… it does need a little help but all in all it works.

Sticking to the press and Seal

Ta-da!! There is my vinyl….

Applied to Transfer Paper

It wasn’t until I got it to this point that I realized…oops where is the apostrophe?

Applying to bucket

Easy fix… and here is a beautiful gift for my daughter’s friend who is turning 7.  Filled inside of it is make-up and nail polish from the dollar section and clearance section at Target.  This gift cost me a total of $7.50 including the 1 cents for the Press’n Seal Transfer!!  {wink, wink}

Alicia's Birthday gift

All of you that have a Silhouette or Cricut  Press’n Seal REALLY WORKS!!!

I am sharing this at these great parties!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Strictly Homemade Tuesday Features plus your 18” Doll clothes

I am really looking forward to doing this post.  I love going through all of your links and seeing all of your fabulous creations.  Then, I have the hardest time picking just a few to feature!  But it must be done. All of you are fabulous but here are 2 that just stood out for me.

Ellementary home made this beautiful and I mean BEAU-T-FUL art work with paint chips.  WOW!! I just need the patience to do this.  Love this.  Go check out these sisters.  They are new to the blogging world and have LOTS to share.

Next, is a simple yet beautiful reminder of all the AWESOME things a Silhouette can do.  Suzie from Living between the words made these beautiful tea towels and used her Silhouette to cut out the monogram!!

Thank you ladies for linking up and be sure to grab a feature button from the right side.  Also, remember when you are featured here on Strictly Homemade I “PIN” you on pintrest to make sure millions of others see your awesome creations.

Next, I want to share some of the clothes people have made with my patterns.  I have a brand new pattern called Annabelle that includes 3 skirt patterns.  Kathy made all three and sent me pictures.  Love the material she chose.

Kathy skirt 1Kathy skirt 2Kathy skirt 3

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Strictly Homemade Tuesday 2/7

Good morning friends.  I am late, late, late…For a very important date. 

Strictly Homemade Tuesday

Sorry I am late getting this up and running!

Don’t forget features from last week will be on Thursday this week.  Also, today marks 1 week until Valentine’s Day.  Wow, time is flying. 

You know how much I love each and one of your projects and thank you so much for linking up!!!

Have a fabulous and wonderful week!

Monday, February 6, 2012

18” Doll Skirt Pattern {Annabelle}

Today I am introducing a new 18” Doll Skirt Pattern called “Annabelle'” by Maridith’s Designs.
  Included in this pattern are instructions to make 3 skirts!  Collage of Skirts for MD 011812
A.  Full Skirt with waist band
B. Elastic waist band with ruffles on the bottom
C. Elastic waist band skirt with knife pleat bottom
The beauty of this pattern is you can make these skirts out of scrap material or old clothes to be upcycled!

Now can be purchased through my Etsy Shop Maridith's Designs

This pattern is sent to you electronically through email.  It does not include pattern pieces but instructions for the pattern pieces needed. 
If you liked the Free Winter Fleece Outfit or the Holiday Dress Pattern you will love this.
If you have any questions or concerns please email me at maridithdesigns@gmail.  I am always happy answer any questions. 
If this one does not fit your fancy be sure to come back I will be coming out with a ballroom pattern soon!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Do you “LIKE” me on Facebook??

Did you know Strictly Homemade has a Facebook page?  I sure do.  If  you know somebody who has an 18” doll you might REALLY want to “LIKE” Strictly Homemade and leave a comment on the post with this picture. 

18 Doll Stockings Pic

Why?  There might be a giveaway going on there and only there… Otherwise, you can buy these 18” doll stockings here…other designs available!!

Have a great weekend!

Also, on Monday I will have another pattern ready for 18” dolls.  SO EXCITED to share it with you all!!

Pintrest Tips and Tricks that REALLY Work

If you fallen into the trap of having a Pintrest account you know how unbelievably AMAZING it is.  If you don’t have an account you actually might be doing yourself a favor as it is a HUGE and I mean HUGE time-stealer. 

I try to limit my time on Pintrest but I will tell you sometimes it is really hard.  As you may or may not know this is a site where you “Pin” ideas, tips, recipes, that you love and want to store them all in one place.  Then other people see your pins, pin them to their boards and it is an endless cycle of pinning.

One thing I am always looking for is good tips in cleaning, organizing, or just fun stuff (I have tons pinned).

I am happy to report on some AMAZING TIPS that really work that I just had to share. Of course, I can not FIND the original links on Pintrest…but they are out there I promise.

#1. Cornstarch Removes Oil Stains on furniture, clothes and carpet.  My handsome hubby gave me the chance to see if this really works when he ate baked chicken on my slipcovered wingback chair.  (Thanks, babe!)  Sprinkle cornstarch on the stain, let it sit for a little, then with your nail or a dull butter knife scrap it along the nap of the material and vacuum up.  Grease/oil stains are GONE!!!  Amazing.


2.  Grow your own Spring Onions on your window seal.  Buy spring onions at the grocery store, use the green part then place in a vase or glass container and they will GROW!! It regenerates itself.  I love having fresh spring onions accessible to me all the time.  Because you know this stuff does not last 3 days in the refridge!

Spring Onions

#3. The best tip of the week. Place a wooden spoon over a boiling pot of water and it will NOT boil over.  I am not kidding this works.  My hubby and I had a $1 bet on this…guess who won…ME.  Not sure why it works.  It just does.  You can take that to the bank.

Wooden Spoon

If anyone knows where I saw these ideas originally please send me the link and I will be happy to give them full credit!!!  I am not trying to steal these as my own ideas I just want to share with you all awesome tip that work!!!


I am sharing these ideas here.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Showcasing your creations at Strictly Homemade

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who emailed me or sent me a note hoping everything is okay in my household. I am happy to say we are all healthy!  My son took a hard fall last week and got a concussion.  We thought we were on the rebound until 3 days later he started throwing up again and wanting to sleep.  Scared the life out of all of us. After a thorough visit to the ER  our prayers were answered and he seems to be okay!! 

Now, I can focus on some fun stuff now that things have settled here a little…

Today is a two for the price of one deal!! I have some awesome features from Jan 24th’s Strictly Homemade Tuesday’s Linky Party and some pictures I received from people who have created clothes for 18” dolls using my patterns.


Strictly Homemade Tuesday

First the Fabulous Features.  I always have such a hard time choosing because you are all so talented.  I decided to go with a theme.  FELT.  Felt is an absolutely amazing material.   It is washable, withholds to heat, and it does not fray.

Jennifer from Laughter and Grace created a wonderful tutorial on how to make felt flowers.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO SEW!!! No excuses not to make these!!!

Next, Esther from My Life in Namibia made this gorgeous necklace and bracelet.  I WANT ONE!!! Wouldn’t that look beautiful with a black scoop neck shirt!!

Thank you Jennifer and Ester. Please feel free to grab a feature button!!  ALSO, as a bonus for linking up to Strictly Homemade Tuesday I am going to start “PINNING” my features on Pintrest to make sure everyone knows how awesome you are!!

Next, I have to share with you two dress pictures I received from Carol. She has made several dresses for her granddaughter and I love how she has made the pattern her own.  Thank you Carol for sharing with us!!  If you would like to make your daughter/granddaughter/or friend a 18” doll clothes, check out my 18” Doll Patterns.


If you have made anything from my patterns send me a picture and I will be sure to feature it here on the following Thursday!!!

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