Monday, January 30, 2012

Strictly Homemade Tuesday Linky Party

Hi Friends!  I hope you had a nice weekend and a great Monday.  I will be honest mine could have been better but I think we are on the upswing of things!!  Something about your children being hurt can just takes away years of a mommy’s life!!

Since life has been a little out of control these days I am not doing to do features today, but I promise they will be here on Thursday.  Along with some pictures of some my customer’s creations with the 18” doll patterns you can find here.  I have also decided that when I feature you here I am going to “Pin” your creation on my boards on Pintrest called Strictly Homemade Linky Party Features!!

Strictly Homemade Tuesday


Last week’s linky party was one of this blogs largest to date and I am in awe of your talent.  You guys are amazing.  I hope you know how much I enjoy seeing all of your homemade goodies.  You all inspire me!!

You know the rules, have fun, no etsy stores!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Today’s Menu Sign

In my home I am responsible for feeding 5 mouths.  I have 4 mouths that will eat pretty much anything.  Then there is that one kid.  That one kid, who seems to only like hot dogs and macaroni and cheese.  Some of you might say, “if that is what he likes then give him what he will eat. “

You are so nice…I am not.

When I was scrolling through Pintrest (love this sight) I pinned an awesome sign that made me Laugh out Loud.  Seriously, I almost choked on my drink.  I knew immediately I needed it in my home!!  Here is the link to the sign I was inspired by.

Here is my version made with stuff around my house.

Eat it or Starve 3

I had some old plates laying around and threw on some vinyl.  Viola! 

Todays Menu

A wonderful simple (yet POWERFUL) reminder!!

Eat it or Starve 2

Now when my kids start whining about what is for dinner I just have to point to the sign!!!

I think I am nice…I am giving them two options!!!

I am sharing this at these wonderful linky parties.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Strictly Homemade Tuesday plus Features

Hi Friends! Hope you are having a Terrific Tuesday.  If you love making homemade gifts, clothes, recipes, or crafts you have come to the right spot.  Here we are Strictly Homemade.

Lasts week's party was awesome.  We had lots of links plus THOUSANDS of visitors.  Awesome job ladies (and gentlemen)!!! 

Onto some great projects.  I had lots of favorites but I am going with a theme and the most viewed this week!

You know Valentine’s Day is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER.  Geez.  So here are some great projects to decorate your home…

The ladies over at Uncommon made the beautiful Valentine's Apothecary Jars.  The story behind them is so sad yet so sweet and I am sure many of us can relate.  Check it out.

Next, from my friend Janet over at I HEART my glue gun made a fabulous Valentine’s Day Wreath.  LOVE THIS!!!

Am I making you feel like a procrastinator because you have not started on any Valentine’s Day projects?  haha!!

Next is one of my favorites and the most viewed.  Check out Leslie’s Yardsale Table Makeover.  She made this over with FOIL!! FOIL!!! Isn’t that crazy and beautiful all at the same time. 

Ladies, please feel free to pick up a Feature Button!

Thank you again to everyone who linked up!! I so enjoy looking at all your creativeness and so do many many others. 

Now onto the party! Where Homemade Rules!

18” Doll Headband Tutorial {Free}

Every 18” Doll needs some accessorize.  Today I am going to share with you a fun tutorial for an 18” Doll Headband.  This is a fun and easy project that I know you will enjoy making!

Rhinestone Headband

Here is your supply list. 

11" of 1/4” Double folded binding tape (color of choice)

3” of 1/4” elastic

Embellishments (rhinestones, bow, rosettes, etc.)

18 Doll Headband Supply List


1. Open up the 11” double folded binding tape and fold over the end 1/2” then place the elastic between the binding tape and sew. Be sure to go back and forth 1-2 times to secure.


2. Do the same thing on the other side but this go all around the circumference of headband to sew the double folded binding tape.


3. Fold your headband in half to help you with the placement of embellishments


4. Hot glue them on.


5. (optional) On the backside of the headband glue a piece of felt so the hair goes over the gems smoothly.



Lanie Outfit with Headband

Do you like the skirt?  The pattern goes on sale this week!!

Here is another version.   The possibilities are endless.

Headband 2

I hope you have enjoyed.  If  you love to make 18” doll clothes be sure to check out my 18” Doll Clothes Patterns by Maridith’s Designs.

I am sharing this at these great parties!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Showcasing your 18” Doll Clothes Thursday–Matching Outfits


Today is Thursday and the day I get to share with you some of the pictures people have sent me of their creations.  This week I was blown away by the talent.  Wow, you guys are good.  I love it that some of you have taken my pattern and restyled it with trim, lace, or made matching outfits for your girls.

This picture is of Jodi’s granddaughter.  LOVE that the girls are wearing matching outfits. Doesn’t she look so happy!!!  Yes grandma, homemade clothes are best!!!  Pattern:  Holiday Dress

Christmas Dress from Jodi

Next is Matching Fleece Outfits from Heather.  She purchased 2 fleece outfit from Old Navy (on sale) one was for her daughter the second was for her daughter’s doll.  She made the fleece winter outfit pattern.  Get this, it is a Fancy Nancy Doll!!  ADORABLE!!!

Matching Fleece Outfits

Thank you Jodi and Heather for sharing with us.  You did an amazing job!!

If you have made anything from Maridith’s Designs Patterns please me a picture at maridithdesigns@gmail(.)com and I will be sure to feature them here on Thursday. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you send me a picture I assume it is okay to publish them here.

On a final note:  A new pattern is coming out next week.  YIPPEE!!

Here is another sneak peak…

Knife Pleat Skirt 011812

It is a 3 for 1 skirt patterns.  If you are part of my Facebook Page you saw one of the other patterns.  If you are not click here to “like” me!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

4th Birthday Spiderman Party

This weekend we celebrated my son’s my 4th birthday.  We had it at a local jump house and this kids had a blast!!!  In the past I have just showed up with cake, snacks, and goodie bags, but this year I decided to put a little bit of my homemade touch to his party and accessorize!!  (you know like we have all seen on blogland)

Here is my Spiderman!!

Here is the all important food table.  The first thing I will share with you is the table cloth.

Supplies: $1.00 table cloth and masking tape… Lay out the table cloth on a flat clean surface. Then start laying out your pattern…


Continue until you have a web pattern…  Custom web table cloth for $1.00DSC_3825

Then I made a Spiderman platter with spiders!!

Spider Platter:

Supplies needed: Clear platter from dollar store, masking tape, red and white spray paint.

Clean platter back with rubbing alcohol. Let it dry then add masking tape to the back side to make a web pattern.


Spray paint red.   Takes 2-3 coats.


Then remove masking tape


Then spray paint back white.  (no picture) to get this effect.

Then once the party is done your son can use the platter as a shield until it breaks!!

Here are the spiders goodies…  would be great also for Halloween but they fit with the Spiderman theme too!!  This is melted chocolate with snap pretzels, stick pretzels cut in half and red hots.

The the goodie bags… all cut out made with my Silhouette.  I designed the eyes myself.  I was quite proud of myself since that was my first time doing something from scratch on there software.

Last but not least, I couldn’t help myself I made the kids temporary applique shirts for the day…Here are the girls.

And the birthday boy!!!


I would say it was a great birthday party and I loved giving it that personal touch!!  The only major flub was the fact I forgot the candle…duh!!!  As I said on FB (if you have not liked me you totally should!) I have proven once again I will never be Martha Stewart!!  haha!

Hope you enjoyed and I am sharing this at these great parties.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Strictly Homemade Tuesday

Hello, it is Tuesday again!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and got over the fact yesterday was Monday.  I am like the guy in Office Space and have a serious case of the Mondays…but nobody better tell me I have a case of the Mondays…or they are in serious trouble. LOL!  Good news is, today is Tuesday and everything is right with the world. 

Today I am talking to my MOPS friends about my little ol’ blog.  I am slightly nervous, but don’t tell anyone.  I am suppose to talk about what I do on this blog…hmmm, I am trying to figure out the same thing.  I am not a super blog with 1000s of followers (and I am grateful for all my followers no matter how big or small this blog is)  I am a small blog trying to find my niche and still trying to figure out who I am.  I love to sew, I love to craft, I love to try to figure out how to make most anything by myself (and the help of awesome tutorials on the internet), & I love everything homemade!!!

I guess that is why you are here today too.  Because you love to create things homemade!!  And you love to show them off to help inspire the rest of u!!!

I am so glad you are here!!

Strictly Homemade Tuesday

Last week’s links were awesome.  The homemade goodies were over-the-top. 

The most viewed post was from DIY Dishwasher Packets from the Lady with the Red Rocker. Excellent tutorial!! I am going to have to try this!

Next is one of my favorites.  I love pictures but do not have enough hanging up in my house.  Raising Oranges shows us how to make a $5 Canvas.  Here is the tutorial.  She also is real honest and tells you how she messed up so we don’t do the same!

Thank you ladies!! Great job!! If you would like please be sure to grab a feature button!!

Now onto the party!! You know the rules…all things homemade goes!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Showcasing your 18” Doll Clothes

I am like a proud mother!!! When one of you sends me a picture of your creations from my patterns I so tickled.  I can’t explain it but it is awesome. 

Then Ms. Stephanie showed her real creative side by using my shirt pattern to make a dress!!! GENIOUS!!!

Stephanie Pattern

Here is how she did it…

“I used your top to work as the bodice for a dress - I just strip-pieced the two colors together, and made the shirt longer and flared to match the dress.”

FOR YOU":  I am going to create a pattern called “Stephanie” so you can all make a dress like this!!!  I realize not all of us can manipulate one pattern to make another!!

The to top it all off Stephanie made her daughter a matching dress!!!

Stephanie Pattern 2

Her description: The girls dress is Simplicity pattern 5234.  There is ribbon trim sewn across the seam between the two sections (front and back), a bow in the front, and ties in the back (I used the same ribbon as for the trim on the dolls dress - the girls pattern had me make ties out of the corduroy).

Thank you SO MUCH STEPHANIE!! For sharing!! Next week I will have a free pattern called “Stephanie” so you all can make this same dress!!

Also, if you have created a dress/outfit for your 18” doll send me a picture and I will showcase it here!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Strictly Homemade Tuesday plus features

Good morning friends!! Sorry this post is running a little late.  You will find on this blog no matter what family comes first and I had some family stuff come up last night that needed my full attention. 

With that said lets get this party started!!!

Strictly Homemade Tuesday

I am so glad you are here and wow so many of you are off to an awesome start this new year.   Here are some of my absolute favorites from last week.

Sew Much Ado made this beautiful doll house.  This totally inspires me because my daughter just received my old wooded doll house and it needs a total makeover- this is my inspiration!!!

Alderberry Hill has some awesome advice on how to make your life easier.   Wow, these are some great tips!!!  Here is a sample. “Pump up the volume by placing your iPhone & iPod in a  bowl. The concave shape amplifies the music”

Thank you so much ladies and please pick up a feature button!!! Thank you to the rest of you for linking up last week.  We had a great start to the new year.  Now onto this weeks party!!

You know what to do!!!!

Don't forget to visit some other links!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Making Progress on my Organization Goal for 2012

Oh my, cleaning out feels so good. I am working so hard on purging, simplifying, cleaning out, and cleaning up.  But what I task!!! 

I have set up small manageable goals  for myself, my daughter has truly helped me immensely with these goals.  You know, my 6 year old daughter, who acts like she is 26…the one who was vacuuming and washing dishes after our new year’s eve party…yep, that one!!


Anyway.  While she is tracked out (we are year round school) she has been helping me tackle some hard jobs. We started small with  my buffet…

I am happy to say I finally have a silver chest, with silver felt lining, inside my buffet.  (What a concept!!)

Then we moved onto a huge task my kitchen pantry…WHAT A JOB!!! Here is the crap food and supplies we are blessed to have all over my kitchen.

I love having a girl who LOVES to clean and organize. Wow, I am blessed!!

At first when we cleaned everything out and I was just going to organize and put it all back….but I decided to do a overhaul on my pantry.  I think it has been 24 years since the walls have been painted…Pantry Redo 1

Rather then painting I decided to use contact paper.  It was so easy to apply!!!  What a difference!!

Then I got extra fancy.  I decided to make the top of the pantry pop. I added a pattern contact paper!! Since my doors are open all the time anyway…make it fun!!!Pantry Redo 2

Check out my organized panty!! LOVE!!

Pantry Redo 3

Remember my motto for this year???  Here is my stuff for goodwill!!!  I feel lighter already!!!

Pantry Redo 4

I have also conquered my side of the closet…I even went a little OCD and got all matching hangers!!!!  Yes, this is all the room I have in my closet. I put my summer clothes in my son’s closet!!!

MB closet

Well, more stuff to organize…drawers to clean out.  Tomorrow on my linky party I am going to feature some awesome ladies who give some great organization tips.  Come back and check it out!!!

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