Friday, August 24, 2012

Free 18” Doll Apron Tutorial

Did you know 2 weeks ago my free Winter Fleece Doll Pattern was featured in the All Free Sewing Newsletter? I was overwhelmed with the amount of requests for my free pattern.   I stopped counting at 200.

Hopefully, everyone who requested this pattern received it, if not, email me. (located on the right side of blog)

With the overwhelming request for the Winter Fleece Pattern I decided to make you all another FREE pattern for an 18” Doll Apron.  I just LOVE all the stories and notes I have received from people who are making these clothes for their children, grandchildren, children in need, sewing classes, etc.  It is wonderful I can help you all in some way.  Times are tough and everything is EXPENSIVE, so if I can help you all in some way make a child happy then I have done my job on this blog!!

  Onto the newest pattern…

Apron Tutorial Pic

Here are the supplies you need.

Supply List V2

Here is the pattern…

Apron Pattern Piece

1. To construct pattern cut a rectangle 3.5”X5”. On the top edge mark 1.5” from the edge.  On the side mark 2” from the top.  Make it a soft curve from the top mark to the side mark.  Your pattern is ready.

2. Cut 1 of face fabric and cut 1 of lining!  Be sure to place patterns straight edge on the fold of material.


3. If you are using bias tape be sure to sew your bias tape closed.  Cut your 36” piece of ribbon/bias to to the following measurements.

2- 13” lengths

1- 10” length

4. With the facing material right side up place your 12” ribbon 3/8” from the bottom of the armpit hole on each side.  Place your 10” ribbon 3/8” from the edge of the top of the apron. Then sandwich your ribbon with the apron lining.


5. This is what your piece should look like before you sew around all edges with an 1/4” seam allowance. NOTE: Please leave an open at the bottom to turn your apron inside out.


6. This is what you apron should look like after you clip your edges and curves and turn inside out. Press all edges.


7. You have several options here.  You can topstitch the bottom close or add some embellishments. I chose to add some lace (per my daughter’s request) but anything will work.  Have fun!!


We are almost done….

8.  Add a 1/2” X1” piece of velcro to the neck ribbon and add the other piece to the top backside of the apron placing it to mirror where you inserted the neck ribbon.


Can you see where I put the white velcro on the back?

You are done.  Or if you would like you could add another strip of lace to hide your topstitching from the Velcro.


Here is the back side.


Your now have a BEAUTIFUL apron for an 18” doll.  Enjoy and have fun with this pattern!!

Apron Finished

I hope you enjoy! If you ever get a chance to make this pattern I would love to see pictures and share to inspire others with all the creative possibilities!!

If you are interested in any of my other free or inexpensive patterns please go here.

I am sharing this at these great parties!

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Anna M. said...

What a sweet little apron :)

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