Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Introducing L-bean's Corner : Make Barbie Nail Polish

You know that saying the "apple doesn't fall far from the tree" well my oldest daughter is finding her own creative outlet by making Barbie and AGD accessorize! Yes, she is 100% my kid, and I love it!

Here is my 7 year old daughter, Lawson.

I can already tell she has 10Xs the creativity I have that is just waiting to be unleashed.

To give her a moment in the spotlight (although it might be small to her being on my blog is a big deal) I have created just for her "L-bean's Corner." Whenever Lawson comes up with a new craft she wants to share (I am not setting up schedule because school comes first) I will document it for her and post it here.

This whole idea came to me when she invited me to her bedroom for Mommy/Daughter craft time and all the supplies were in order ready to go and she told me "mommy video this so we can put it on YouTube" I did not video it but I did take pictures. haha!

Without further ado, here is L-bean's Corner Barbie Nail Polish...

Supplies needed...
Black Sharpie

1. Color your toothpick on all sides with black marker

2. Put glue on toothpick and insert toothpick in bead, push up bead on toothpick until it is tight on the bead.

3.Cut off toothpick to leave the "brush handle" be sure if you trim the bottom of the bead and lower the bead slightly so the toothpick does not stick out and the bottom is flat.

4. Color the cut toothpick with the Sharpie so the raw wood is also black (we did not do this but looking at pictures it would of been a good idea) Enjoy your Barbie's new nail polish.

She is ready to go to the salon...

Thank you, Lawson, for your unbelievable creativity!

My child cracks me up, when I woke up in the morning she made several more nail polishes and found a bag to keep them all in!

I hope you have enjoyed L-bean's Corner. I know Lawson would love to hear from you so be a sweetheart and leave her a nice comment!


Elizabeth said...

I love it! Awesome creativity, Lawson!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Lawson. This is great!! I'll have to share it with Taylor. Keep the ideas coming girl.
Ann Wyche

Anonymous said...

Lawson, your idea is just awesome! You are very creative. I bet Fancy Nancy would like it too! I love you my sweet Sugee! Gram

Unknown said...

Oh, Lawson, that is wonderful.

Jenni said...

You are a very creative girl! I can't wait to read what you come up with next!!! :)

Cami (Jaden's "CA. Gramie") said...

Lawson, besides having a great & creative name, ur ideas r very creative & inspiring! I LOVE minitures, & ur "nail polish" is just adorable! :)

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