Monday, March 5, 2012

You can make your own crib sheets

I am not sure why it never dawned on me before to make my own sheets but with kid #3, the crib sheets in this house are getting a little worn.  Especially, since my middle child sweats excessively at night and the crib sheets are rather dingy.   Poor last kid she just gets hand-me-downs!!!

Cailyn Tunnel Fun 2

While my daughter (last kid) was sick and I was washing sheets every day and I decided that is it, she needs new sheets.  I went to go and buy some from Target but I remembered why I only have 2 sheets.  My crib is a Baby Tenda and it is 1” longer and 1” wider then most cribs. The do not sell sheets anywhere that fit these measurements. 


Picture from Baby Tenda Website (nice 80’s picture people!!)

The only option for me is make my own!! I now know how easy it is I have made her two!!

Today I am going to share with how to make your own crib sheets!! 

Tutorial Crib Sheets

Here is what you need.

-2 yd of flannel material or cotton (44-45” wide) pre-washed!!!

-4 yds of 1/4” elastic

-Thread, measuring tape, scissors

1. Cut material based on your mattress dimensions.   MOST CRIBS are 54”X27”X4” so you would add 16” to the length and the width cutting your material 70”X43”. Tip: I fold my material in half lengthwise and cut. Keep folded.

Cutting instructions

2. Cut a 8X8 square from each corner.  (if your material is folded you only have to cut twice)


3. Right sides together pin and sew your corners.  Stitch this seam twice since it will be pulled often. Do this on all 4 corners.

Pin Corners

4. Either serge or fold over 1/2” and sew the entire perimeter of the crib sheet.  I did not fold over twice for a finished seam  but if can not stand it being unfinished do so now.

5. Cut your 4 foot long elastic into 4- 12” pieces.  Finding the center of the elastic, and mark with a pin and place at corner.  With a zigzag stitch start at the center and pull the elastic while sewing.  Then repeat on the other side. Start at the center pull the elastic and stitch.

Elastic at corners

It should look like this afterwards. 

Elastic in place

Once you have completed all 4 sides you are DONE!! You have just made your baby his or her homemade crib sheets. 

Now put them on your crib and marvel at your craftiness!!

Corner of bedding

Tutorial Crib Sheets

The best part of making your own sheets is you can customize them to match your bedding!!!

I am sharing this at these great parties!!

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Melissa said...

Brilliant Mom - I need to redo the elastic on some of the sheets for our bed. Our bed is Cal King and sheets are expensive and all these sheets need is to have the elastic replaced.

Seamingly Smitten said...

I have never seen a crib sheet tutorial! Genius, Maridith!! I'm pinning it :)

Rebecca said...

I'm inspired!! You make it seem so approachable. I'm going to try this for my little boy and new baby nephew! Thanks :)

Rebecca said...

I'm inspired!! You make it seem so approachable. I'm going to try this for my little boy and new nephew. Thank you!!

Edwina said...

These are so simple and beautiful. They make a perfect baby shower gift. Who wouldn't want a baby gift hand made with love!

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