Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Today’s Menu Sign

In my home I am responsible for feeding 5 mouths.  I have 4 mouths that will eat pretty much anything.  Then there is that one kid.  That one kid, who seems to only like hot dogs and macaroni and cheese.  Some of you might say, “if that is what he likes then give him what he will eat. “

You are so nice…I am not.

When I was scrolling through Pintrest (love this sight) I pinned an awesome sign that made me Laugh out Loud.  Seriously, I almost choked on my drink.  I knew immediately I needed it in my home!!  Here is the link to the sign I was inspired by.

Here is my version made with stuff around my house.

Eat it or Starve 3

I had some old plates laying around and threw on some vinyl.  Viola! 

Todays Menu

A wonderful simple (yet POWERFUL) reminder!!

Eat it or Starve 2

Now when my kids start whining about what is for dinner I just have to point to the sign!!!

I think I am nice…I am giving them two options!!!

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4 comments: said...

Cute cute!!


Melissa said...

very cute

Butterbean Row said...

You are so funny and my kind of nonsense. Ha!

Holly Lefevre said...

That is cute! I need one more option. I tell the kids eat it, starve, or make a PB&J (they are just too crabby w/o food!)

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