Wednesday, November 30, 2011

18” Doll Ruffled Cape Pattern {Free}

Who would of guessed that some of my most popular (and I mean POPULAR like 10,000+) would be a free pattern for an 18” Winter Outfit, that I made for my daughter’s American Girl Doll, Lanie. It is not professional by any means, because I am not a pattern expert, although I did take a pattern making class in college (thank you, mom and dad). It is just something I thought others would enjoy having.  Other’s like me who are on a strict budget and can’t afford $25+ dollar outfits.  Now that I know how helpful it can be to those who want to make homemade gifts I am driven more then ever to put up more patterns here for you to use! 
Today, I present to you the 18” Doll Ruffled Cape Pattern.
Doll Cape
This pattern was adapted from a pattern I received from Seamingly Smitten. I made both my daughter’s a Ruffled Cape!!  Her patterns are wonderful and I highly recommend her pattern if you want your daughter/ grand-daughter to match her doll!  Wouldn’t that be an awesome gift?
Cailyn Lawson Poncho Jacket
How to make a 18” Doll Ruffled Cape
Materials Needed: Fleece body 13” X 13” , ruffle .75”X15”   Pretty much scraps!  I really could get into sewing for 18” Dolls.  It uses pretty much scrap material. In my mind that means FREE!
1. Cut a piece of fleece 13”x13”                              DSC_2882
2. Fold in half, then fold in half again.
3. Cut from one folded edge to the other an arched cut.DSC_2884
4. Do the same at the point. You can tell from the picture it was about an 1".
5.When you open it up it should look like this.DSC_2886
6.Cut the circle on one side like pictured.DSC_2887
7. Take your .75”x15” piece and in the center stitch a gathering stitch.DSC_2891
8. Place on the neck seam and stitch in place on the gathered stitch.DSC_2892
9. Add a button to the left side and cut button hole on the right side.DSC_2897
When buttoned it should look like this…DSC_2898
You are done!! Now your AGD has a cape and can stay snug and warm!! Doesn’t Lanie look FANCY??
Doll Cape 2
Not to tease you, but under this cape is a holiday dress!  I will be posting the pattern very soon (12/3/11)! EDIT 12/5/11 I promise to have the pattern up by 12/10/11 Sorry for the delay!- I can’t wait to share it with you.  YOU WILL LOVE IT!

Don’t forget if you want to make your daughter a matching cape go to Seamingly Smitten the pattern it is sized from 6mo-8yrs old.  Jennifer, from Seamingly Smitten is kind enough to offer you all 25% off the Ruffle Cape Pattern.  Go to her Etsy Shop and use code CAPE25 now through 12/4/11.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Strictly Homemade Tuesday

Hi Friends!  I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Mine was wonderful.  I traveled to VA to see my family and during our dinner (postponed to Friday) I had this moment where I sat their quietly to soak it all in.  Soak in all my blessings that God has blessed me with.  I was overwhelmed…but not overwhelmed enough to not eat!  Goodness, I ate, and ate, and ate.  Tis, the season for excellent food!! (I will think about these extra pounds after our New Years Party).

Strictly Homemade Tuesday

Time for a few Features from last week.  Since we are talking about excellent food let me show you Peppermint Crunch Brownies from Katie at Raising Oranges.  This will be made this year for sure!!

Sarah from Alderberry Hill made this beautiful wreath…next time you see ice skates at the thrift store…PICK. THEM. UP!! Just beautiful.

Thank you ladies!! Be sure to pick up a Feature Button on the right side!

I want to tell you one other thing…starting on December 5th I will have a series of Upcycled Christmas Ideas. Christmas Ideas upcycling items you have around the house to use during the holidays…gifts, decorations, ornaments, and clothes! For little to no money!  I hope you will join me.


Now onto the weekly party. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those of you who join me week after week and thank you for those of you are new here!!

You know what to do…

Friday, November 25, 2011

I am dreaming of an…

Upcycled Christmas…


That is not the way the song goes.  Well, that is how my version of the song is going this year. 

In these tough times for many people money does not drop out of the sky so you can decorate your home Southern Living Style or give your kids all the toys they have been dreaming of from FOA Swartz.  Therefore, you have to start thinking outside the box and thinking HOMEMADE!!

On December 5-16th I will present…

12 Ideas for 12 days!  Ideas that cost little to no money at all.  Best of all it is made of items that are UPCYCLED.  I am so excited to share this series with you.  I have been praying over this and I feel in my heart that even if this inspires 1 person to make a Homemade Christmas Item I have done my job to bring some joy in your home!

I hope you will join me!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

From our family to yours I hope you find yourself amongst people you love, your bellies full, and your heart over-flowing with things to be thankful for.


Blessings my friends!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Strictly Homemade Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Friends!!  Are you ready for Thanksgiving or are you fortunate, like me, and going somewhere?  Oh the joy of not having to cook so I can do important things like…sew and craft!

If you don’t hear from me until after Thanksgiving I want you all to know how thankful I am for all of my loyal followers.  You all inspire me to continue to be creative!!  Also, I am so thankful for the friends I have made through the blog world. Let me tell you bloggers (crafter bloggers especially) are some of the best in the world.  They are sweet, sincere, and wow they are generous!!  What a blessing you are. I can be having a tough day and one sweet comment can turn my whole day around!! Thank you, Thank you!!

Now onto some great projects…

Susan, from Compulsive in Texas refinished her steps with brown paper bags!! Talk about amazing.  Love this idea!! I wonder if my husband would go for this!

Andrea from Decorating Cents made this beautiful Thanksgiving Subway Art and shows us how to make it using Picnik. 

Thank you so much ladies for linking up!!  Please grab a feature button and display it proudly. 

Onto this weeks Strictly Homemade Tuesday.  You know what to do!! Like I said before have a Fabulous Thanksgiving and be sure to count your many blessings!! I know I am!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Our 3 Turkeys Frame

How many turkeys do you have living in your home?? I have 3 (probably should count my hubby)  turkeys living in this household.  In honor of Thanksgiving I made this little ”Our 3 Turkey” Frame.  Real simple, $1 frame from Michaels, Rust-Oleum Spray paint and cut some letters out on my Silhouette with vinyl.

Our 3 Turkey Frame

The hardest part of this was finding a picture where the kids were close enough to fit in the hole!

I am SO THANKFUL for my 3 Turkeys!!

Our 3 Turkeys 2

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and not stressing too much getting ready for the holidays!

Have a blessed day!

I am linking this here… Kissed by a Frog Rust-Oleum Love Parade.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thankful Pillow Gift

I have a good friend who’s birthday is in November and I am 99.9% confident she likes my homemade gifts so I was eager to think of something to make for her birthday. Then you mix in the fact her favorite holiday happens to be Thanksgiving (which is in the same month) combine the two…and a “Thankful” Pillow is what I came up with!

Thankful Pillow

Simple, yet beautiful!!

I used my Silhouette to make the stencil with freezer paper. DSC_2710

Then I sewed around all 4 sides leaving a 4” hole on the bottom for stuffing.  Then I added the fall-ish touch.  Folded flowers. Here is a picture tutorial on how to make these.  All you need is felt, needle thread and a button.

Folded Flower collage

I hope my friend likes the new pillow for her holiday d├ęcor and also knows how thankful I am to call her my friend!!

Thankful Pillow 2

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Strictly Homemade Tuesday

Hello Friends, welcome back to another week of Strictly homemade Tuesday.  I am so glad you are here.  Sorry, I am a little late. I had dinner with some of my girlfriends last night, I SO needed the break, so my scheduling is a little off!! Oh well!

Strictly Homemade Tuesday

I am so excited to tell you last week’s Linky Party was my largest linky party to date PLUS it had the most views to date.  Thank you ladies (and gentlemen) for making this party such a success.  I love looking at all the fantastic projects you are up too. You are all so inspiring.  God gave us each a special talent and he told us to share our creative talent. It makes my heart so happy that so many of you have found your God given talent and share it with us week after week!  Thank you!   You are all so inspiring!

I am going to do things a little different this week.  I do not have features today.  I am going to share those with you tomorrow! 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Announcing Shabby Apple Giveaway WINNER

Happy Monday.

Thank you to all of those who entered my Shabby Apple Giveaway!  I am excited to announce the winner picker through

Out of 25 entries it was entry number 23…

Lauren who said…

 Lauren said...

I "Like" Shabby Apple now on FB.

November 11, 2011 1:47 PM

Congratulations, Lauren!!  You have won the Shabby Apple Dutchess Necklace. I will contact you for your information to send to Shabby Apple.

Don’t forget tomorrow is Strictly Homemade Tuesday Linky Party. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ruffled Cape- Pattern Tester

I had the great opportunity to be a pattern tester for the Ruffled Cape by Seamingly Smitten. I have made her Miss Mod Top and love the simplicity of the pattern and the Ruffled Cape was not different.

I was asked to make my oldest daughter the Ruffled Cape and she loves it.  Here is my little diva…

Lawson in Poncho Jacket

Of course, I can’t make a cape for one daughter without making one for the other. Here are my two in matching capes.  I love my girls matching.

Cailyn Lawson Poncho Jacket

Thank you, Seamingly Smitten for letting me be a pattern tester!  For my sewing friends this is great pattern for a great price. Go check it out!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Temporary Holiday Shirt- Turkey Lurky

I just love the idea of having a shirt that is holiday appropriate that will not go in the good will a day after the holidays.  How do you do that? You add a temporary applique.

For the month of October I added a Temporary Ruffled Pumpkin. This month I decided to make a Turkey-Lurky Temporary Shirt. Temporary Holiday Shirt

I ripped off the pumpkin applique…


Then made a turkey applique with scrapes I had aroundDSC_2651

TIP: The key to a temporary applique is to have the backing be the same color as the t-shirt you are applying it too. I use felt.DSC_2644

ANOTHER TIP: Do not make your ribbons as long as I did.  These were a little bit floppy and I had to tack them onto the shirt. Ugh!

Good news is, my daughter has a shirt for the Thanksgiving Holiday for free!!

Temporary Turkey Shirt

Next month she will have a Christmas Shirt!!! Stay Tuned.

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a fabulous Vintage Shabby Apple Necklace! Ends November 13th.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Strictly Homemade Tuesday!

Hey ya’ll!   Yes, I live in the south and I am PROUD of it!! Today is the day were we all share our most recent projects and creations.  You ladies always inspire me and 100s of others every week.  Thank you to all those who come back week after week and if you are new here I am so glad you are here!!

Strictly Homemade Tuesday

First, a little fun business!   Shabby Apple is offering one of my readers a beautiful Vintage Necklace called The Duchess.  Click here to enter!! This necklace would be perfect for you OR a Christmas gift!! Giveaway ends November 13th. Don’t miss out!!


Now back to Strictly Homemade Linky party…FEATURES!!

Cherise from Sewingly Along made this cute Thanksgiving Apron.  Just love the idea of having an apron for every occasion!

RoCa and Company made this Canalis T-shirt Tutorial. I just love funky t-shirt makeovers! 

Thank you ladies and please be sure to pick up a Feature Button, you rock!

Now onto Strictly Homemade Tuesday Linky Party.  I have no real rules but I have to tell you it makes me smile ear to ear to see my button on your blog!  THANK YOU!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shabby Apple Vintage Jewelry Giveaway

I am beyond thrilled to announce that I am hosting an giveaway from Shabby Apple.  If you have been around blog land you know who Shabby Apple is, if you haven’t let me introduce you to an amazing company who dresses women in the most fabulous vintage inspired dresses.  Their clothes are classic designs with a modern twist.  
Dresses from Shabby Apple
Here are just a few of my favorites (hubby, if you are reading this I want these for Christmas, wink, wink!)…
Truman from their 1943 Collection.

Aspen: Brown Cowl Neck Sweater

Get ready for Holiday Parties with this GORGEOUS Plum Dress L.A

Not only do they have women’s clothes they have maternity dresses (my sister is 19 weeks pregnant, she would look so cute in this dress!)
Black Rose: Maternity Dress

Moving onto accessorize!!  Never underestimate the importance of the perfect accessory. It can turn an ordinary outfit into something stunning!!
I am so excited that Shabby Apple wants to giveaway to one of my readers this gorgeous necklace called THE DUCHESS!  Isn’t it timeless and beautiful?? 

This has a $52.00 value and you could win it!!
I know you want one OR you know someone who would love one for Christmas!
There are 4 ways you can win…
Leave one comment for each of the below entry methods that you complete
  • Be a follower of Strictly Homemade(see my left sidebar) and leave me one comment here telling me that you are either a new follower or that you already follow me= 1 comment/entry
Extra Entries:
  • Leave a comment on Strictly Homemade Facebook Page telling me that you want to win this necklace!  Come back here and leave a comment letting me know you did.  = 1 comment/entry
  • Follow Shabby Apple on Facebook, come back here and leave a comment letting me know you did = 1 comment/entry
  • Announce this giveaway on your blog or Facebook Page and leave me a comment letting me know you did= 1 comment/entry
As a BONUS Shabby Apple is offering my readers a 10% off coupon when you use this code  strictlyhomemade10off.(Code expires in 30 days)
This giveaway ends Sunday November 13th 12AM.  I will announce the winner on Monday the 14th.  ** MUST HAVE A U.S. MAILING ADDRESS
NOTE: If you have as your email please leave me your email address on your comments.  I would hate for you to miss the opportunity to collect your necklace!
Dresses from Shabby Apple
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