Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

Smell my feet...
Give me something good to eat.

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

My Miss Mod Top

I recently purchased a wonderful pattern from Seamingly Smitten and get this…made something for myself!!!  I don’t often sew for myself but I really need too.  I started this month making this top!

Miss Mod Top 3

The pattern is called Miss Mod Top, by Seamingly Smitten.  It was super easy to make with excellent directions.  She recommends soft material,l however, with it turning colder outside I wanted something a little thicker and that I could wear with a turtleneck underneath. 

I found in my stash some blended wool.  You know I didn’t buy it because look at the price tag!! haha!


The pattern can be made in all sizes and you have the choice of making a tie belt, wearing it beltless or using a thin belt or as I did.  I just love this look and think it turned out great.  I will be making myself some more of this pattern and I might even buy some material the next time!! 

Miss Mod Top 1

The best part was my 6 year old daughter who thinks I have no sense of style after going through my sisters closet told me “Mommy you are soooooo fashion!!”   She makes me smile!!!

Right now Seamingly Smitten is having a giveaway on her patterns.  If you sew (any level) you will love using her patterns!  Tell her Maridith sent ya!!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Today I am Guest Posting at Live.Love.Craft

Hi Friends, today I am guest posting at Live.Love.Craft.  I am showing you how to make a wreath form for less then a dollar!!   This is the wreath I made with my form!!

Halloween Wreath 1 Edited

Check out her other blog posts she is super talented!! 

Thanks, Alyssa for letting me guest post for you!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Strictly Homemade Tuesday

Hello, hello!!  Welcome back to another week of Strictly Homemade Tuesday.  I am so glad you are here. 

Strictly Homemade Tuesday

Last weeks party was so inspiring.  Wow, you guys are talented.  I want to take the time to feature two of my personal favorites.

Cori, from Created by Cori made this precious thank boo card.  I am a sucker for anything personalized with handprints or footprints!!

Second, it is apple season and Stephanie made, Stephanie’s sister made Bite Size Apple Pies.  I actually had the ingredients for this and made them for my hubby.  Yep, he pretty much thinks I rock.  Especially, whenever I make dinner and a dessert!  Thanks, Stephanie!

Okay, now it is your turn to share all of your homemade goodies.  I love seeing all of your projects!! Thanks so much for stopping here to inspire so many of us!!

Here is the link, you know what to do!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kudos to the Blog Feeding Four

I have to give a huge shout out to a blog written by a good friend of mine Feeding Four! 
She wrote about a Tilapia, Blackbean Salsa and Green Rice last year and I have made it before. However, this time I made it with some bluefish hubby caught so I had lots.  I decided to feed my neighbors as well (they are my life line, it is the least I can do.)  Let me just tell you they think I am a gourmet cook!! HAHA! 

Here is the kicker...this meal looks gourmet but it only took me 30 minutes to make.   Thank you, Feeding Four for making it look like I can cook. Go check out her blog. You will thank me!

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Twice as nice

Twice as Nice

Last fall I made my niece (left) an Madras Top/Tunic.  A year later my daughter (right) is now wearing the same top!! 

I HEART Hand-me-downs!! 

This is a great reminder for me that I should sew more often for my niece because a year later my little girl will benefit!! Smile

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Broomstick Skirt from a Dress Pattern

Broomstick Skirt

I have boxes of patterns in my home but I am coming to the realization that I do NOT need all these patterns because once you have the basics you can pretty much do a few minor alterations to make them customized.  For instance I had this wonderful Easy Stitch’n Save Pattern and made my oldest daughter her Easter Dress from this pattern.


This time I did not want the top just the skirt.  The fantastic thing about using a store bought pattern you really do not have to calculate and mess with measurement.  The math is already done!

Here is how I did it.  I took the top two tier pattern pieces(that made the tunic) to make my skirt  (I did not have enough material for the third tier (that made the dress) so I cut the 1st tier twice (different materials) and then made the first piece approximately 4 “ shorter in the width. 


This picture illustrates the width difference. Now sew all your side seams together.


To make the waist band I decided a different method.  My daughter has sensory issues so I chose a sew-in waistband rather then make a pocket for the elastic.

1st I turned under the material 1/4” and stitch


Then I took one of her favorite skirts that fit and cut my elastic. (she was in bed because I decided to make this the night before going to the pumpkin patch)


Divide you elastic in half.  DSC_2301

Then you place your elastic on the heml stitch line at the side seam. sew a few stitches and then start pulling gently the elastic so it stretches making sure you pull it taunt enough that the halfway point of your elastic reaches the other side seam.


Once you are done your material will gather nicely like so…


Then I followed the pattern instructions to attach each tier.  Hem the bottom and you are done…


Here is Miss L in your pumpkin outfit. She LOVED it!  Recognize the shirt??Lawson Broom Stick Skirt

I think her favorite part was it twirled!! So girly!Twirl Skirt

Also, my girls coordinate!! Yes, I will have my girls coordinate and match as long as they will let me!!

Cailyn Halloween Dress

I have to attach this picture of my Mama 2 she was the one who taught me to sew.  This picture makes me so happy because she shared her special talent with me and taught me to sew and now I am able to share my talent with my children.  Truly priceless!!

Mama 2 and my girls

Remember a pattern is a great tool for many other designs then the ones shown.  The pattern companies just want you to buy different patterns for ever minor change!!!

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Strictly Homemade Tuesday Linky Party

Hi Friends, it is that time again for Strictly Homemade Tuesday Linky Party.  I don’t know about you but I LOVE this time of year, yes I love the fall weather, pumpkin spice, football, etc…but what I really love is all the crafters and non-crafters are coming out of the woodwork with some FANTASTIC ideas!! Wow!! 

Strictly Homemade Tuesday

I want to feature two projects from last week. 

The first one is from The Project Corner.  She made this BEAUTIFUL dress on the post Arsenic and Old Lace. First the dress is made out of my two favorite colors in the world and it is just stunning…It was also the most viewed project from last week. 

The next feature is from Sarah @ My Crazy Blessed Life  she made a beautiful Anthro knockoff necklace.  LOVE this!!

You are awesome ladies!! Please be sure to grab a feature button.  Thank you to the rest of you who link up!! You are awesome as well and I appreciate you all being here!!

Now onto the party!! You know what to do!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Reversible Baby Dress for the Fall

In my mind it is appropriate to wear “Halloween” clothes starting Oct 10-ish then abruptly put them away November 1st.  However, “Fall” clothes can be worn from Sept 23rd (or when the weather turns cold) through the Thanksgiving Holiday. Call me weird that is just the way I feel.

Even though this is the way I feel my pocket book says..”I don’t think so.”  Therefore, I have to get creative like make a Temporary Ruffled Pumpkin Shirt and make a REVERSIBLE dress for baby girl.  Why reversible…so for 2 weeks she can wear it like this.

Cailyn Halloween Dress

Then for Thanksgiving, pumpkin patches, apple picking she can wear it like this…

Cailyn Pumpkin Dress

Did you notice the knife pleats at the bottom??? LOVE, this detail. 

It is rather simple- However I will say if you are going to add a trim like I did be prepared for a little more work.

Here are a few snapshots of the details.  If you would like a tutorial let me know. 


The applique. 


The knife pleats…


I love ideas like this. 

#1. They save you time because you are only making one dress rather then two.

#2. It is much more economical.  Especially if you are able to make it with scraps & material you picked up form a MOPS Swap!  hehe!

#3. It can be worn much longer and your hard work is not short lived!

Reversible Dress

I hope you have enjoyed and has got you thinking of what you can make reversible!

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Strictly Homemade Tuesday

Hi Friends! It is that time again for another Strictly Homemade Tuesday to show off your recent homemade goodies.  I am going to have to keep this post short and sweet as I am a little under the weather.  Before I got it my son had it... Ugh!

Last week the most viewed post was from my friend, Jennie, at Kissed by a Frog where she has broken the code on how to get soap scum off shower doors.  YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE what she uses.  I can attest and so can another one of my friend that this WORKS.  I am not going to tell you what the secret ingredient is...go check it out. 

Now it is time for another Strictly Homemade Party.  I have to apologize I have not been the best at commenting on all the links but please know I look at them all and I am so appreciate you all here!

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Paper Bag Pumpkin- No need to go to the craft store

I love projects that do not require a trip to the craft store, plus I know many of my readers are not die-hard crafters and have lots of extra crafting supplies- I thought of this one for you.  I am 90% sure you have all these supplies in your home.

I am going to show you how to make a Paper Bag Pumpkin to help get your home ready for the fall!

Paperbag Pumpkin

Supply List Paper Bag Pumpkin

See I told you!!!  Not a huge supply list and I am sure you have most of these items on hand!!

Cut your paper bag open and cut off any handles and bottom portion.  Once laid out I cut off enough to wrap the toilet paper roll.


Then wrinkle the bag.  I gave it to my sweet C and she had a blast getting it wrinkly. (always helpful to get the kids involved!)

Cailyn Helping Crunch

Place the toilet roll in the center of the paper and start wrapping and tucking the bag in the center…


Once you have all the edges tucked in the center, puff it out some to get the shape of a pumpkin then place a stick in the center.DSC_2064

Add some leaves from outside and place in your powder room (or where ever) I recommend powder room incase you run out of toilet paper…

Displayed in Bathroom

Just like that you have some fall d├ęcor WITHOUT going to the craft store!Paperbag Pumpkin

Hope you enjoyed.  I am sharing this at these wonderful parties!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Strictly Homemade Tuesday Linky Party

Hi Friends, I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday and being here to join me to show off or see some awesome homemade creations.   Strictly Homemade Tuesday

Before I get started, I need to apologize for the lack of creative posts.  I have been sewing/creating but this weekend hubby was gone fishin' so I decided to paint my eclectic yellow kitchen.  Woot, woot!! The yellow is gone!  haha!   Pictures soon.

Also, I have to add my email/Facebook page was hacked and that is been nothing less then a pain in my neck. My whole contact list got an email saying I was in Madrid, Spain and I need help. I can’t access any of my accounts so they might be lost. NICE!  I have to say that people who steal, hack, take away from others are just scum.  It is just disgusts me and saddens me at the same time.  It makes me think of my kids when they ask “Mommy, why do people do bad things? Don’t they know it makes God angry?” I don’t know the answer…

Moving on to happier things like last week’s Strictly Homemade.  Thank you so much for making it my biggest party yet!!  THANK YOU! 

Here is the most viewed link…

I was thrilled to see my friend, Melissa, from Those Northern Skies made Men’s shirts into skirts was the most popular link!  So creative! 

Thank you so much for linking up, you know the rules and be sure to leave some comments on other blogs.  It fuels all of our creative souls!!

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