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Holiday Dress Pattern for 18” Doll

It appears that my readers like my 18” Doll Patterns. {SMILE}  I have been so inspired that I decided to make another pattern.  When I thought of what style of dress I wanted to create I couldn’t help but think of the dress I made my daughter last year for Christmas.  It was classic and in my mind just beautiful.
Based on my daughter’s 2010 Christmas Dress…18 Doll Inspiration
The directions for this pattern are shown here but the pattern pieces are for sale for $2.50. 

Supplies Needed: Less then a 1/4 yard of material for main dress (I used corduroy), scrap material for waistband, matching thread, velcro.
1. Lay out your pieces based on the instructions on the pattern pieces.  Cutting 1 of the front on the fold, 2 of the back, and 1 the skirt.
DSC_3060 - Copy
2. Here are the pieces for the dress. (dimensions of skirt on pattern piece)
DSC_3062 - Copy
3.DRESS SKIRT: To assemble the skirt fold right sides together (Matching up short sides).  Measure 3” down, mark, sew the rest.  This is the back seam of the dress skirt.           
DressSkirt Assembly                                      

4. On the bottom portion of the skirt hem with 1/4” rolled hem.  This means you fold if over once 1/4”, then fold it over again 1/4”.  Therefore you have a nice finished hem.
5. On the top portion of the skirt do a gathered stitch 1/4” down.  A gathered stitch is accomplished by setting your stitch length to the longest stitch, once you go all the way around, you pull one of the threads to gather the material.
DSC_3064 - Copy
This picture shows you the placement of everything on the skirt. Now set this temporarily to the side.
  DSC_3065 - Copy
6. Bodice.  With right sides together stitch the shoulder seams together on both sides.DSC_3071 - Copy
7. Turn under and stitch the neck hole and armpit hole as shown.  DSC_3073 - Copy
8. Right sides together, stitch the side seams together.
  DSC_3075 - Copy
9. Cut out your coordinating waist band. Dimension included on pattern piece.
  DSC_3078 - Copy
10. Fold in half, wrong sides together and stitch.DSC_3080 - Copy
11. Place waist band on the right side of bodice bottom fold facing towards neckline.
The waist band will be too long, but my motto is better to be too long, then too short.  Sew on bodice with a 1/8" seam. Trim once sewn.DSC_3082 - Copy
Bodice with waistband connected.           
DSC_3085 - Copy DSC_3083 - Copy
12. Connect the bodice to the skirt with right sides together.  You will have to tweak your gathers to make sure it is evenly distributed .   Sew skirt and bodice together.
DSC_3084 - Copy
13. Open up dress and take the back seam and turn under /4”and stitch.
14.  Cut 1/2" Velcro  into 1/4” wide pieces by 1.5" long pieces   Stitch into place.DSC_3087
16. Optional: I included a rosette. I took 1”X5” of material. Folded it in half, put a running stitch on the raw edges, pulled and wrapped around and around until I had a rose. DSC_3088
I placed a button in the center.  Then sewed onto the dress.
18 Doll Holiday Dress
Now you are done!!  Admire your beautiful creation!!  Some little girl/s out there is going to flip over this new Holiday Dress for their doll!!  You will flip because #1 you created something beautiful and #2 this cost you a fraction of the cost of most 18” doll patterns!!  Have I told you how much I love homemade gifts!!
Since it is cold outside you will need make sure you make a snuggly Ruffled cape  for them too.  Free tutorial found here.


Now if you would love to make this dress. Here is where you buy the pattern for $2.50  
Be sure to leave me your email address if it differs from your paypal account.  If you have any questions please contact me at maridithdesigns(@) gmail (.) com
I promise I will respond ASAP!!
Happy Sewing!


Jeanna said...

What a great idea... My daughter would love if I made her some doll clothes...

jeanna @

Melissa said...

Fabulous job Mom!! And I am sure it is worth a dollar!!

Seamingly Smitten said...

Maridith, Congratulations on the pattern!! I LOVE this tutorial! The red is absolutely beautiful on the doll and it matches your daughter. They are quite the pretty pair for the holidays!

Lauren @ Summit St Joy said...

Excellent turnout!!! I love the red with the little white rosette. Thanks for sharing on Summit St's Gift Guide!


Juanita said...

I recommend this pattern. I made three of these dresses and they turned out really nice.

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