Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 4: Upcycled women socks to Ruffled Baby Legs

I think it is time to share with you a gift idea for little girls. 

How about some Ruffled Baby legs?  Retail Baby Legs run anywhere from $10-$18.  These cost me $1.

Ruffled Baby Legs

Here is how I did it…

Buy size 7-10 women’s tube sock from the Dollar Store.  Cost $1.00, then search through your scrap material pile for matching material. 


Cut your tube sock right above the heel…


Then cut your material.  Because my material is thick the width is cut 2Xs the circumference of the sock tube.  Example 6” circumference = 13” (plus hem allowance) piece of material.  Then the length is 5”.  If this material was thinner I would of done 3Xs for lots of fullness.


Fold material in half like so, and stitch (repeat on both pieces of material)DSC_2917

Now fold the length in half and put a gathering stitch on the non-folded side.  Then pull gather stitch…


Once gathered connect to the cut side of the sock.  Stitch together.DSC_2919

For added security and make sure things do not unravel do a zigzag stich on the seam allowance.DSC_2920

Repeat on the other sock.  You are done.

Wrap them up real pretty.DSC_2927

Give them to an adorable kid in your life.  All the boutique-y-ness without the cost!!!

Baby Legs 3

How am I doing so far on all my Upcycled Posts? Do you like them?  I would love to hear from you.

Here are the posts so far…

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Thanks so much for joining me and I hope I am inspiring you to make your Christmas Homemade!!!


Melissa said...

Adorable!! - Love the little rolls at the top of the 'socks' :)

Lauren said...

I love these socks. So does McK. I love your ideas so far for Upcycle Christmas! You are so creative.

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