Monday, October 10, 2011

Strictly Homemade Tuesday

Hi Friends! It is that time again for another Strictly Homemade Tuesday to show off your recent homemade goodies.  I am going to have to keep this post short and sweet as I am a little under the weather.  Before I got it my son had it... Ugh!

Last week the most viewed post was from my friend, Jennie, at Kissed by a Frog where she has broken the code on how to get soap scum off shower doors.  YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE what she uses.  I can attest and so can another one of my friend that this WORKS.  I am not going to tell you what the secret ingredient is...go check it out. 

Now it is time for another Strictly Homemade Party.  I have to apologize I have not been the best at commenting on all the links but please know I look at them all and I am so appreciate you all here!

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Good Time Charlie said...

Thanks for hosting! Have a great week.

Elizabeth said...

Sorry you've been sick...did you miss your trip?

Jenni said...

So sorry you are sick! How terribly disgusting!! Maybe you need a little vitamin C. WINK! WINK! Thanks for hosting and featuring my magic trick! I am so glad you used it and are sharing!!

The Girl Creative said...

Hi! I've been trying to contact you regarding your blog design but I see that your email has been hacked. The exact same thing happened to my husband a few weeks ago too. Anyhow, do you have an alternate email address? If you are able to, email me at so that I can forward my design emails to you. :)

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