Monday, October 3, 2011

Strictly Homemade Tuesday Linky Party

Hi Friends, I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday and being here to join me to show off or see some awesome homemade creations.   Strictly Homemade Tuesday

Before I get started, I need to apologize for the lack of creative posts.  I have been sewing/creating but this weekend hubby was gone fishin' so I decided to paint my eclectic yellow kitchen.  Woot, woot!! The yellow is gone!  haha!   Pictures soon.

Also, I have to add my email/Facebook page was hacked and that is been nothing less then a pain in my neck. My whole contact list got an email saying I was in Madrid, Spain and I need help. I can’t access any of my accounts so they might be lost. NICE!  I have to say that people who steal, hack, take away from others are just scum.  It is just disgusts me and saddens me at the same time.  It makes me think of my kids when they ask “Mommy, why do people do bad things? Don’t they know it makes God angry?” I don’t know the answer…

Moving on to happier things like last week’s Strictly Homemade.  Thank you so much for making it my biggest party yet!!  THANK YOU! 

Here is the most viewed link…

I was thrilled to see my friend, Melissa, from Those Northern Skies made Men’s shirts into skirts was the most popular link!  So creative! 

Thank you so much for linking up, you know the rules and be sure to leave some comments on other blogs.  It fuels all of our creative souls!!


Jenni said...

Maridee, stupid hackers! Let's throw our empties at them! LOL!!
HUGS~ BIGS HUGS! Thanks for hosting! Let me know when we can "chat" again via emails!
Cannot wait to see the paint job!

Melissa said...

Oh wow!! Yeah!!

I am so pleased. You do a great job and I am glad to be your friend. :)

Good Time Charlie said...

How clever to make a skirt out of men's shirts! Thanks for hosting the party! -K

Ela said...

Thanks for hosting. I am a follower. Love to join you. Hope you can visit my blog.

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