Monday, September 12, 2011

My Curtain Confessions

I bought curtain panels today!!

Yes, you read that correctly.  I bought curtains.  I pride myself on making all of my curtains for my home but some deals are too good to pass up. Especially when you have a major faux pas going on in your home!! Let me explain…

This is my daughter’s nursery.  I love this area.  It is so beautiful during waking hours.

However, when my daughter is sleeping.  This is what it looks like. To block out the east sun I have to put up another piece of material!! MAJOR Decorating FAUX PAS!!Window Confession

I can not believe I am admitting to this!!

But If I didn’t the sun just soaks in….

Curtains During the Day

I was planning on relining my existing curtains with blackout lining but that stuff is EXPENSIVE. Today, (not really knowing what I was looking for just diggin’) I went through the clearance section at Target and I found black, blackout curtains for $9.08 a panel!!! Then when I got to the checkout they were $6.49!! Bonus!Bonus

I was not planning on putting black panels in her room (I mean who puts black in a nursery, right?) but the price was right and my current solution was driving me bananas!

Here is what they look like now…

New Black Panels

I absolutely LOVE the black panels in her nursery.  They look so good and the bonus is no more light penetrates through so this little girl can get a good rest.  Sleep and great décor are VERY important to us both!

Cailyn 7 Months Old 2

So, yes I bought curtain panels for a total of $13.83 and I am THRILLED with results.

(Jenn- I checked to see if they had brown and they didn’t so please do not think you got a bad deal!! Haha!)

Also, please help me decide what material I should recover my bay window seat. Go here to vote!  I am a seamstress not a decorator!! Thank you!!


Melissa said...

What a brilliant find!! Yeah for you~!!

Michelle Paige said...

I did something very similar in my son's room using those same room darkening panels! They are fabulous!

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