Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Homemade Baby Food

I am not much of a cook…or maybe I should say I do not really get a kick out of cooking.  It is more of a chore to me but I do it because I love my family and I like to eat!! 

Although, I am not the best cook and do not find much joy cooking meals (7 days a week).  I DO find a great deal of joy making Homemade Baby Food for my sweet baby girl. 


To me it seems healthier, I am in total control of what she is getting, and I feel like within perimeters, my daughter is experience a better assortment of food then she would get buying jarred baby food.

Since I call my blog Strictly Homemade I thought I would share the homemade baby food I make for Cailyn.  My baby food guide is Super Baby Food Book.    This is the Mac-Daddy of all Baby Food books (in my opinion).

My daughter has successfully eaten all the food I have given her including cottage cheese and tofu!! Crazy, but true!!  Next month we have broccoli!

Not only is this book great for baby food but it also has wonderful tips for cleaning, food for picky eaters (my son) and recipes galore.  We are now huge fans of tofu (the whole family) thanks to this book.

**I am not getting compensated in anyway to promote this book I just had to share because I love it that much.  

Here are some pictures illustrating how easy it is to make your baby’s homemade food.

All you need is a blender. I have a food processor but I find a blender does a much better job especially when the food needs to be pureed.

Basic Equipment

Avocado Puree….one of Cailyn’s favorites!


Ice Tray to freeze baby food. 

Baby Food Peaches

I will be honest the Cailyn was not a fan of was mangos!! However, the girl loves to eat so no matter what face she gives me she still asks for more!!  Funny girl!

Tonight on the menu is Avocado with tofu and a side of peaches.  Yum!!  Also, the other good part of making your baby’s food is if you try to feed yourself and your baby at the same time and you ACCIDENTLY put her spoon in your mouth you are not totally grossed out, because it tastes good.  I am just saying…

Just thought I would share.

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Anabella said...

We LOVE avocado!! And I always made my little girl food too!! She's older now and eat the same as we do. Goos way to eat better for us!!!

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