Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dinosaur Hoodie Towel Tutorial

Dinosaur Hoodie Towel Tutorial 2

Last Christmas (why does that seem like yesterday) I made my son a Dinosaur Hoodie Towel.  It is his favorite towel BY FAR!  I love to here him roar and smile so big thinking he has scared me.  Too cute!  I asked back then if anyone was interested in a tutorial and I got the sweetest email requesting a tutorial.  Then my sister asked for a big girl towel for her daughter so combine the two requests and here you go. Your wish is my command!!

Here are the supplies needed…

Supplies List

* The bath towels should not be plush and thick. They need to be on the thin side or you will NEVER get the towel under your presser foot.  This is your warning!! Plus, thinner towels dry faster.

Step 1. Cut 1 Bath towel to make the hood. Most hoodie towels say get a hand towel and cut in half to make the hood.  Since we need lots of extra towel material for the spine and nose I chose to get another bath towel.  This means you will need to cut your bath towel to the size of  half hand towel.


Step 2: Make Spines Cut out 8 spine pieces.  My spines are a 3.5” triangle on all sides. Sew 2 sides of the spine to make 4 spines and turn inside out.



Step 3: Make the Spine Hood. Take the hood and place 2 spines close to the center and 1/2” from the bottom


Fold material over spine pieces, pin and sew.


Once turned inside out this is what the outside looks like.DSC_0184

This is optional… the material is so thick a surged seam is out of the question. So I opted to put a piece of material on the inside to cover the seam. Fold the long edges to the center place on the seam and stitch.


Finished stitch with material covering seam.DSC_0203

To create the snout…I cut 2 pieces of a half circle.  Mine has about a 5” diameter. Sew the circle portion and turn inside out.


Step 4: Making the Snout. Find the outside trim of the hood.


Cut the finished seam off plus 1/2”. DSC_0187

Position the snout in the center on the right side of the hood as well as the piece you just cut.   Stitch.


Trim. Fold under and top stitch. This will leave you with a finished edge and no fraying.DSC_0193

Add 2 buttons for the nostrils.  


Step 5: Finishing the hood. Cut two pieces of fleece for the eyes.  The shape of the eyes is up to you. I chose two oval shapes.  Sew on and add two buttons for eye balls. (not shown)DSC_0208

Step 6: The bath towel. Fold the towel in half and pin 4” in and 6” down. This is your stitch line.

Stitch Line

Insert 2 of the spines where the stitch line be.  Stitch.DSC_0195

This is what it will look like from the top.  Fold open and press down.


Step 6: Connecting the Hood to the towel.  With right sides together find the center of the hood and the center of the towel and line them up together.  Then line up the rest of the bottom portion of the hood towel.  Sew together.  YOU ARE DONE!!


Here are some pictures with my precious model. 

Dinosaur Hoodie Towel Tutorial


Model of Backside

I think my niece is going to LOVE it!!


If you have any questions please let me know.  I will forewarn you SEW SLOW over the thickness…it can break needles!!!

I am sharing this at these wonderful parties. 

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Melissa said...

The towel is absolutely adorable!! I kept looking for photos of her darling face though!!

FINALLY!! You showed it to us!! said...

Thanks for linking the Dinosaur towel tutorial. That's what I meant to say...

It is totally darling!

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