Friday, September 16, 2011

Bay Window Seat Voting Results

Thank you to all those who voted on what I should so with my bay window seat cushion. I really appreciate the help. Here is the final tally...

Poll: What should I do with my bay window seat?

Stripes Won!

I personally was torn between the stripes and the black check. What can I say I am sucker for all things black and white, and from the votes several of you agree with me!

So now I just need to make the final decision. hmmmm.... I am planning on ordering the material soon. If you have any parting thoughts as to exactly WHY I should chose one and not the other. Please let your voice be heard!

I have to share with you a note I got from my grandmother.

When you asked if we could find the eyesore in the room, all I could see was the
covered grill on the sundeck. Loved the new corner in the yard. You did a good
job with the pillows in the chairs. Maybe you could create a an outdoor scene on the deck where the grill is. Like a cute bistro table and chairs with plants and potted flowers. That would give a picture to see as you look through the beautiful bay window.

Yep, that is an eye sore too. I need to work on that next!!! You can see a picture of it here! I love her honesty!!

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ALSO- next Monday I have a very exciting giveaway here on Strictly Homemade. I am super excited to share it with you!! I hope you come back for a chance to win! Have a wonderful weekend.

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Melissa said...

Yeah!! I think I voted for the stripes!!

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