Friday, July 22, 2011

Thank you for your help!

Twice in the past month I have asked for your opinion and several of where kind enough to leave me your advice/thoughts or good wishes.  I so appreciate your advice and thoughts.  I think a lot of women out there are like me and appreciate others opinions- when solicited

The first advice I asked for was what I should do with this antique soda crate.  I thought you would enjoy seeing where it is now!

Here it is before:



Do you like it?  Many of you suggested a plant/herbs.  Great idea!  One of the most creative idea came from

Michelle Paige said...

I love the serving tray idea to hold silverware, glasses, napkins. Fun to use in a craft room for supplies. It could be adorable as a little planter box filled with pepper plants (garden variety or the indoor pepper plant)...get it? Dr. Pepper!

So smart.  However, to keep this on the cheap side, I bought nothing for this arrangement and shopped my house.  To make the number plate I took an old white plate and used vinyl with my Silhouette for the first time to make the number.  Why No. 5?  First, I have a thing with numbers and there are 5 people in my house. I love this display and I really enjoy having a lamp (another source of lighting) in my kitchen. Another reason I like this display…it will stop me from throwing crap junk up there!!

Next, I asked you your advice on a Large Family Car.  I am happy to report “Momma’s got a new ride” and it is not a minivan. Woot, woot!!  I made it to the kids’ swim lessons yesterday without any issues, hallelujah!.  Thank you so much your thoughts and opinions.  It made me feel good to know I am not alone in my desire to NOT own a minivan.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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Elizabeth said...

What'd ya get? Call me today if you have time.

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