Wednesday, July 13, 2011

87 Cent Dress…Part 2- Bloomers

On Monday I showed you how I made my oldest daughter a dress for 87 cents from a shirt I bought at Target,  I explained how the bottom half of the shirt was not used but NOTHING goes to waste in this house. Here is what I made from the bottom half,,,


Ha!  I love babies bums!!!

Here is the summary in pictures,,,

87 cent shirt collage

I think I REALLY got my moneys worth on this shirt.  I have to think outside the box sometimes to make the most of our money. This time it really paid off and looks super cute too!

Let me know if you would like to see the tutorial on the bloomers,  The tutorial for the dress can be found here.


Melissa said...

adorable bloomers - they look comfy...

Tambo said...

I love the diaper! I wish I had little girls around, however, I have 2 grandsons and all of the other babies around me right now are boys too! Just love this idea. tfs Tami
Tambo's Creations

priscilla said...

so cute and crafty !!

Just Jaime said...


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