Monday, June 27, 2011

Upcycled Skirt to Paper Bag Skirt

Last week I guest posted at Momma's Kinda Crafty. Here is the post I shared with her readers!

Today I am going to share a Paper Bag Skirt made from an old (outdated skirt). I love upcycling clothes. Her is the trendy skirt I made for myself and today I am going to show you how.

My grandmother, from Arizona, came to visit me in NC and brought a whole bag of old clothes she no longer wanted. She figured she got 2 free bags to check (rare) so she brought me one with her old clothes!! So sweet! Most people would probably think "really...jeez, thanks grandma!" Me...I thought it was Christmas!

Here is how my mind works....Right side up you see an old denim skirt.... Upside down I see a Paper Bag skirt...Do you?

The key to a Paper Bag Skirt is the waist width needs to start out 2 times the size of your waist. Let's say your waist is 28" (I wish) then your skirt width needs to be 56" around. Plus, the skirt needs to taper in at least 3". All of these things occurred when I flipped the skirt upside down! The bonus to this skirt is I did not need to add a zipper because it was a button front!!

Here is how I constructed the skirt.

1. I cut out the pockets very carefully. I needed all the length I could get.

2. I cut off the top of the skirt.

3. This is double checking I have a 3" taper from the top of the skirt to the bottom of the skirt. Then hem the bottom of your skirt. Like I said I needed the length so I did a 1/4" hem. Top stitched.

4. This skirt sits on your natural waist and the "bag" part is above the waist. I turned over the top 3" to where my waist line would be. Stitch. Do not worry about stitch being seen a belt will cover it up.

5. Make your pleats (4 on the front, 4 on the back) facing inwards. It is easy to divide the skirt into quarters and size down your pleats to your waist width. Example: One quarter of 56" (current width of skirt) is 14" I needed to size each quarter down to 7" (to make waist 28") I just folded until I was happy with the pleats.

6. Duplicate these pleats on all quarters.

7. Press and stitch down.

Make the Belt Loops

1. Cut a strip of fabric 2"X 12" Fold each side to meet in the center

2. Stitch on each side and cut into 3" pieces (there should be four but I had already pinned it on the skirt when I realized I needed to take a picture)

3. Turn each end under 1/2" press and pin onto skirt. I added mine past the first pleat.

4. Add a ribbon (did not have enough material to make a matching belt)


I will admit this is not a typical "Mommy skirt" and will not wear this to a park but it would be fun to wear on a date with hubby or a girls night out!!

While this was over at Momma's Kinda Crafty it was featured at Blissful & Domestic. How cool is that!!

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Melissa said...

That turned out super-cute and how sweet it is that the measurements were just what you needed when you flipped it over!!

Katy said...

Loovee it! Seriously, that turned out so great! You are one skinny minnie too!

elizabeth said...

Your skirt is darling!!! And I too would be super excited about an old bag of clothes!

Amy @ dwell in the season said...

This is so cute - nice job! I just may have to try this! :)

Tasha @ Creation Corner said...

I LOVE it. It turned out so cute. Way to go!!

Maggie @ Chica es Artistica said...

This is WAY too cute! I've always wanted to make myself a paper bag skirt but just haven't had the right skirt to do it with. Thanks so much for sharing! I'm now following :)

Allie said...

great idea! I just found a thrifted skirt that looks a lot like that. I might have to try this idea! :)

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