Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome Sign for Friends

Oh what a little paint and vinyl can do for a back door!!!

This is my updated backdoor!!  I have waited a long time to complete this project but I am happy to say it is done.  Thanks to a little black paint left over from the front shutters and the wonderful vinyl sign from Lynette from Xpres Urself  I now am proud to have visitors come through my backdoor.


A close-up of the vinyl.  Confession time:  I put this on approximately 2 hours before my New Year’s Eve Party.  That is how easy it is to apply!


I have mentioned before on my blog most of my close friends and all of my family enter through my backdoor.  Mainly because of the long walkway to the front door.  I have even made a sign in the garage to welcome them saying “Back Door Guests Are Best”


This was the eye sore before…


I forgot to take a picture of door in it’s fabulous 1980’s blue/grey color, but here it is primed.


Don’t forget about the work horses.  This is why we have kids right?  Just kidding!


I am super proud of my updated backdoor!!!


You know you are a true friend if I welcome you into my garage…not exactly the most stylish and clutter free area in the house!!! But if you know me you know I am a pack-rat and it has to go somewhere!!

Thanks again Lynette!! Check out her stuff she is super sweet and for the people who live near me (she is local).  She is also on Facebook.

I am linking up to Life as Lori today and Lori just happens to be Lynette’s sister. Smile


Squiggly Rainbow said...

Wow! Your home is beautiful and I LOVE the door! It looks like the great 'American' dream we see in movies! Thanks again for visiting my blog. God Bless
Squiggly Rainbow xo

Melissa said...

What a beautiful home!! Absolutely gorgeous.

The door looks great too.

Lori said...

Very nicely done! Your door looks great!


Tasha said...

That looks gorgous. Love the black. Love your house. It is so so cute! Just the kind of house I one you would see in a magazine. :) Love that your daughter got to help you too

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