Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Restyled Hand-me-down Bouncy Seat

One of the downfalls a lot of times of being the last child is EVERYTHING is a hand-me-down and looks pretty worn out.  In hopes to change this centuries old plague for my last child, I have decided it won’t be “Worn out, get over it hand-me-downs” it will be “Restyled Hand-me-downs” or “Don’t you wish you wish you had style like this hand-me-downs.”

Taking on a whole new look….

Here is Baby Girl’s new bouncy seat with a fashionable slipcover.DSC_0434

Bouncy Seats are an essential tool for all babies and a place where 75% of pictures are taken the first 3 months! All of my daughter’s and son’s pictures are in this blue monster…it never dawned on me to at least put a blanket on it to cover it!! Duh!!

I actually got this used when I had my first child and since then it has gone through 3 (my 2 plus my niece) other kids.  Now with the 4th about to use it, it could use some serious TLC. 

This is how it started….a little TOO BLUE and faded for a girly girl!!DSC_0422

How I did it:

I simply laid out the cover, cut around leaving a 1/2” hem allowance.  I did this with all the pieces and assembled them as close to the pattern as possible.                                                                     DSC_0424

The trickiest part was the seatbelt/harness.  I made a pattern of the harness and left an opening at each end of the T and put a 1/4” hem to allow a finished edge on the buckle side and the bottom where it attaches to the base.                                                       DSC_0423

I then fed the buckle through and fished out the buckles. It was snug enough that I did not sew it on.   To keep all the safety measure is place I made a button hole large enough through the slipcover and fed the the covered harness through.   DSC_0425

Restyled Hand-me-down!!!  DSC_0434

Since it is a slipcover it can be removed and washed!!             

I did this with $0 costs.  My grandmother sent me up 5yds of this gorgeous material!!!  She knows my style.

I have 16 days to go until Baby Girl’s Due date!!!  Time flies when you are busy!

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feedingfourfood.blogspot.com said...

Great idea! Both my boys loved their bouncy seats but the covers do get faded and worn over time.

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