Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How many times have you changed your kitchen curtains?

Well, if you are me...5 times in 5 years. That seems a little excessive but today I announce that I think I have found the curtains that will stay put for at least 2 years!! At least I hope so!!!

Curtain #4 but change #5!!

On my old blog I did a post on Oct 2009 on Something Needs to Change...in regards to my kitchen curtains. At the time of the post this was my kitchen/den. This was the second set of curtains for my kitchen. I decided that the reds competed after the wall was opened up and I needed to go back to my original curtains.

Kitchen Curtain #2

This was the first set of curtains I made back in 2006. This was at my daughter's 1st birthday. Notice no hole in the wall to the left and different color walls

Kitchen Curtain #1

To make a quick and inexpensive change I went back to the original curtains. It was great but my hubby and I are tall and always felt a valance was too heavy and we could not get a good view of the backyard.

Kitchen Curtain #1 Change #3

Then I tried to do light and airy and be all trendy with burlap this summer. Let me tell you...HATED IT!! It discolors, next to impossible to get to lay the way you want it too and it does not look good . I hated it so much I never got a picture of the big window with a similar valance. It was not picture worthy.

Kitchen Curtain #3 Change #4

Today these are my new curtains. Let me tell you- I LOVE THEM!!! Of course, I am a sucker for all things black and white but the main reason I love them is that they are panels and not a valance. It makes a huge difference and the window seems larger.

Kitchen Curtain #4 Change #5. These are a keeper!!

So do you think I am crazy in how many times I have changed out my curtains? It is a good thing I have such a wonderful husband who tolerates my compulsiveness to change things!! Plus, I can sew, otherwise this yearly trend to change my curtains would NEVER HAPPEN!!
What thing have you changed more then you would like to admit because you can't make up your mind?? I can't be the only one!!!
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Melissa said...

I think your new curtains look great...I would probably change curtains more but I find them boring to sew.

Elizabeth said...

Love the new curtains. If I could tolerate sewing, I may be inclined to change mine...but, I think I'll end up being the person with the same curtains up for 20 years. If you tire of making curtains for your house, you can always do some for mine:)

Dacia said...

I love changing curtains too! Love your new curtains. I'm a lover of all black and white prints too :)

Deborah March said...

Oooohhh, love love LOVE these!!

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