Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stricty Homemade Christmas

This Christmas our budget couldn't be any tighter. We are so blessed to have as much as we do, so I am not at all discouraged that we will have to tighten up the purse strings a little more then normal and get really creative in the gift giving department.

I have LOTS up my sleeve and most of it I will be sharing here without the recipient's name attached. Then if they see it here and then receive it, it will be more like a prize then a "surprise." I hope people like homemade gifts because that is mainly what people are getting this year!!

I feel like a Project Manager because I have a schedule of when things need to be done and how long I can procrastinate (yes I schedule in my procrastination time). I wish I had Projects like I did at work so I could lay this out nicely, but then again that takes to much time.

Here is my sewing agenda so far...

1. Coffee Cozies
2. Camera Straps
3. Tissue Box Covers
4. Super Hero Caps
5. Zipper Free Garment Bag
6. Lawson and Wesley's Christmas Outfit
7. Lawson and Wesley's Christmas PJs
8. Christmas Hand Towels
9. Dinosaur Hooded Towel
10. Personalized Hair Barrettes

Much more...just don't want to overwhelm myself- I have to remember I am 31 weeks pregnant and my energy level is NOT QUITE THE SAME!

I hope you will join me along the way and get some ideas to make your Christmas Homemade!

Plus, I will be sharing other things we are busy doing....preparing for baby girl, new home decor on a budget (because I am crazy like that), and service projects.

Monday, November 22, 2010

So Blessed

Some reminders need to be permanent!
We have all seen the Chalkboard Silver Platter. I decided this reminder needed to be permanent. I took some burlap, jute and hot glue and made a burlap/silver platter. I love the contrast of textures. Then stamped out my sign. I added some leaves for the season but it can be changed out or removed.

This Thanksgiving season I am reminded of how blessed I truly am. Despite all the twists and turns on the road I may travel I have faith that God is in control and for this I am blessed. If I was in control I would already be off the cliff.

I am so blessed for my beautiful growing family. They are my life. They bring me happiness I never knew possible!

I am blessed to have the perfect man to be my partner for life! He loves me despite all my craziness!!

I am blessed to have wonderful friends! It seems friendships have seasons. Sometimes I am closer to others and distant to others during different seasons in my life. I am blessed that the right friends are around at the right time, and the ones who I have grown distant with understand!

I could continue forever but you get the gist.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gifts From the Heart Linky Party

Can you believe it, Christmas is right around the corner?? So much to do and make, so little time! Doesn't this time of year inspire you to get crafty? My list is a mile long of things I want to make and everyday it continues to grow!

I have been doing a little bit of snooping and I have seen a lot of Christmas decor, recipes, and gifts all over blog land. You guys are ON THE BALL!! Bring your gift ideas here....

Today through November 25th I am hosting Gifts From the Heart Linky Party. Show us some of your homemade gifts and recipes! I love seeing what you all have created and it inspires me and others!!

- No Link to Shops
- Go and check out other bloggers! We are here to support each other.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Turkey Pin- Thanksgiving Gifts

I am not sure if you are "suppose" to give teachers a thanksgiving gift but at the very least it is appropriate to give a teacher a note saying how much you appreciate them. So let this be a reminder...send them a note saying thanks!! Then, if you do have time to do a little more for them here is one idea...

A Ribbon Turkey Pin
Here is the back.

I have made one for my son's preschool teacher and 2 for my daughter's kindergarten teachers.

Then I decided to make an unconventional turkey...."Maridith Style" Black and White. My daughter saw my turkey pins and said "Oh Mom who are these for???" I told her the traditional turkeys were for her teachers and that black and white one was for me. She looked at me like I was the meanest person and said "Mom that is not nice to keep the pretties one for yourself. Don't you know that is selfish?" REALLY?? Am I selfish?? Thanks, kid!

Despite my daughter's comment...

A small thank you gift for all of their hard work this is what will be receiving. McKenna (my precious niece) will also be getting one in her Thanksgiving Goodie bag as a Hair Bow.
Don't forget on the 20th I will be hosting a Linky Party...I would love for you to join me!!
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Turkey for my Little Turkey

It is TURKEY TIME!! Are you excited? I am starting to get excited and my enthusiasm shows in what I can create on a budget!!

I am not one to normally buy turkey apparel in celebration of the Thanksgiving season. Then looking at other blogs I saw a bunch of variations of appliqued turkeys shirts I knew this was something I could make easily and with materials I had on hand. However, my turkey shirt is unique What make my Turkey shirt different?? You might of seen this shirt before....

Here is Wesley's Turkey Shirt today....

This is what is looked like on October 31st... Freezer Paper Shirt
Only my readers and I know it is a "Turkey-ween" shirt. Haha!!

I simply made my pattern large enough to cover the painted Jack-o-lantern. Then using standard applique technique applied the feathers and body. Just for you I have also included a Turkey Pattern.

For eyes I used 2 buttons. It is homemade and I am pleased to make something for my little guy.

This shirt is perfect for my little turkey!!
Also, don't forget on the 20th I will be hosting a Linking Party. Anything crafty goes but I bet a lot of you are starting to think about Christmas Gifts. I would love for you to share them with us!
Tomorrow I will be posting my Teacher Thanksgiving Gifts.
Have a blessed day!

Monday, November 15, 2010

A stain is what you make of it...

As a mom don't you hate it when you wash your kids clothes and a stain just won't come out? Especially when you had that particular shirt in mind for a new skirt you just made her!

So here is the shirt..,throw it away or make the most of a messy situation?

But if you add an applique to the shirt....no more stain.

Every thing seemed to be going fine and dandy until I realized I was about ready to run out of thread... I will be honest I was praying while sewing around the last petal leaf.

I made it, but if I had to do it over, I probably would of used white thread around petals. Oh well, live and learn. At least I made it around the petals and didn't have to make a trip to the store.

What was going to be a normal Target Shirt with a cute homemade shirred skirt is now a coordinating outfit!!!

Where is the stain?? Take a look at the backside.

Am I the only one who loves the back threads as much as I love the front?

My daughter ready for school in her new outfit! (Not thrilled that I am taking a picture of her in the parking lot.)

I should mention the restyled shirt was $0 costs since all the material was on hand. The material was from Wal-mart for $2.49 a yd. Since the skirt is only 14" long you can't beat a $1.25 outfit.

And for you...The applique pattern, so you don't have to do any thinking!! Applique Flower Pattern
make it wear it

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Toddler Boy's Room Makeover- Silhouette Pillow

Today, is a special post for me because I sharing with you a pillow I made for my son's room with a very special meaning. Last year (on our anniversary) we lost our best friend Chewbacca, our yellow lab. You would think after him being gone over a year I would be a little less emotional about losing our friend, but I am not. He was such a big part my husband and my life and there still seems to be a little void in our household. Wow, I am getting emotional writing this. (Call it pregnancy hormones).

This is the silhouette pillow of Chewbacca made special for my son's room.

I got the idea from my Inspiration Room. I think the two reasons I feel in love with this room was the pillow and the antlers!
This pillow from Serena and Lily cost $88!! Yikes!

My silhouette pillow came from a picture of Mr Chew that hangs in our hallway.

How I did it... I am not an artist. Drawing is not my thing but I gave it a shot (because I was determined to have a silhouette pillow.) I knew that size pillow I was covering so I just fit my drawing to fit the pillow.

I placed the pattern on some jersey knit (does not fray) and cut out the silhouette.

Then I pinned it onto some painted drop cloth and sewed 1/8" around all of the edges.

I added piping around the pillow (the same material I used for the sham) and now Wesley's room has a custom Silhouette Pillow of our belated dog Chewy.
I had all the material on hand therefore I saved $88 (not that I would ever buy an $88 pillow) plus it's meaning is 1000X more then something store bought.

A close-up!
Funny Story: My husband left this pillow on the bed one night tucking in our son and Wesley told his daddy "Daddy we don't SLEEP on this pillow it is for decoration!" My husband came out and told me this and I couldn't help but laugh because his wife can thank me one day that I am teaching him right!! Men typically don't understand the difference between pillows!

Memory Lane... Wesley and Chewbacca

Love you big boy!! Gone but not forgotten!!
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Toddler Boy's Room on a Budget Series - Burlap Accessories

Welcome to art 3 of My Son's Toddler Room Makeover on a $100 budget-
Burlap Accessories

Burlap is cheap, versatile, and has a fabulous texture!! Don't overlook the possibilities of burlap.

I made the trio of silhouettes and revamped the lampshade for $3.56.

Here is how Wesley's lamp started. It was fine "as is" but with a little burlap and paint it looks like it was made for Wesley's big boy room.Luckily, I stock up on Burlap so I had some on hand from a previous project, but if I were to add the burlap to my total cost it would only be $3.00

Layout the lampshade on your material trace around leaving 3/4" on both side to turn under.
Using a glue gun smooth and glue your burlap around the lamp.

Then I painted the little star red. Remember the red star over his bed. Not completely planned but doesn't it just make you giggle when things come together so nicely?
Lamp $0 for upgrade!

Then the silhouette artwork. I bought these frames at a consignment sale for $3.00. Great red frames- terrible 80's artwork

Nothing that burlap can't cover. I just wrapped burlap and taped it down.
Bye-bye 80's bears.

Then I printed off the Internet silhouettes of a dog, fish, and duck. All boy stuff! I cut them out then traced around them with a chalk pencil on black card stock. Then cut out again and glue on the burlap.

Ta-da!! I REALLY LIKE THIS!! My son loves to point out animals too.

This artwork cost me a total of $3.56. ($0.56 for the black card stock paper)

Here is Wesley's room when you first walk in his room.
I left space on top of the pictures because I am going to add his name above the trio of pictures one day.
How am I doing on Budget so far?
Burlap Accessories.................................$4
Total .......................................................$70
Hope you have enjoyed Burlap Accessories for a Toddler Boy's room. Next post will be about a decorative pillow with a very special meaning.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Toddler Boy's Room Makeover on a Budget Series- Inspiration

Well, it was time to face reality. My son is not a baby anymore and will no longer be the baby of the family in 3 months time. I told my hubby before we get started on Baby Girl's room we HAD to 'fix' Wesley's room. Now working on 2 rooms at one time is not in our budget so I had to get really creative. I hope you enjoy this series on how I made-over my son's room for less then $100.

Here is my inspiration...

This was Wesley's room about a year ago. (The only before picture I had)

It was "colorful" and really a miss-mosh of stuff. The wall color was from the previous owner. The baseboard were bone color. The decor was leftover from my daughter's nursery it just wasn't working plus it was beginning to show some serious wear-n-tear. Wesley needed his own room designed specifically for him.

What do I mean by Wear-n-tear....See for yourself...

Wesley has managed to break 2 dresser drawers...

Broke his blinds...

And become Van Gogh during nap time...

His room had become a wreck!!! There is a reason why we lovingly call him "Messy Wessy"

Be that as it may and he might destroy his room again, I still was adamant that we make his room his. I found this picture in Serena and Lilly Catalog sometime back and knew this was the direction I wanted to go.
I love the rustic feel, the antlers (believe it or not) the timelessness and coziness, but the price tag would never work... Plus I had to remember this is for a TODDLER'S ROOM

I first started by making his bedding. I shared with you how I made a twin size duvet, a pillow sham, 2 valances, decorated a bed skirt with one queen size duvet donated to me. All of this cost $0.

Then my hubby painted the walls and trim. God love him because he hates to paint but since I am pregnant I can't help so he did it all. The wall paint is from Home Depot Behr (2 in 1) Called "Cloudy Days." The paint and new brush cost $66. This is where the bulk of our budget was spent. We had the trim paint from my daughter's room so that helped.
As soon as he finished painting I was hanging up stuff on the walls.

Here is what hangs over my son's bed. It is not for everyone, but my son LOVES it.

These antlers are from my belated grandfather. Every time I see them I think of him (they are 40+ years old.) The star mirror is from my collection of hand-me-downs that has been in storage for about 5 years waiting for the right space. The Duck print over his bed was me shopping my house and moving prints. All of this wall decor was $0. See how this kinda looks like the Inspiration room?? My husband (the hunter) was not exactly a fan of the antlers in his room but then when he got an 8 pointer this weekend he asked "Can I hang the antlers in Wesley's room??" the answer was "2 is enough that is why we have a garage!!" I have limits on dead animal parts!!

Here is another view. I also added some beloved "Wolfpack" Decor. The red matches perfectly and it was moved from where Baby Girl's area is going to be. Shopping the house, again. I love it when everything just comes together so nicely.

The only piece I am missing is a headboard. I have been searching for a metal headboard to cover with Jute or rope but have not found one. Once I find a headboard it will be complete!! I did ask my hubby about old barn wood panels and he said we will see. I am not going to hold my breath.

As of this post I have spent $66.00 for bedding, paint and some of the wall decor.

Next in my series is Accessories!!

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