Monday, May 31, 2010

Featured Homemade Gifts From the Heart

Thank you to all that participating in May's Gifts From the Heart. I love seeing what creative gifts you make for your family and friends. I love them all but wanted to showcase a few.

At Those Northern Skies Melissa made this adorable Bandana Bib for a friend's child. What a cute cowboy!!

Tasha from Creation Corner made this quilt AND an adorable stuffed monster!! She did all this in one evening. That is amazing!!

I am sharing these boy ideas because I have a 1 year old boy birthday party to go to in a couple of weeks and I am thinking about making one of these two. Thanks for the ideas ladies!

Carrie from Dittle Dattle made this beautiful sign for some newly weds. I am have been married for almost 9 years and would still love something like this!! So thoughtful!

If you have been featured please grab a Featured Button from the right hand column. Show it off proudly!!! I am so glad I am not the only one who loves to make homemade gifts!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Nothing is Going Right in the Sewing Department

As of right now I have struck out three times and I have lost my sewing momentum. Nothing seems to be going right in the sewing department and I am sick over it!

Let's see where to begin...I bought some beautiful trim from for $2.49 and was so excited to put it on my existing curtains. I really thought this post was going to be about Patience paying off because I have been waiting 2 1/2 years for the right trim. I was wrong I woke up really early Thursday morning to put the trim on.

Here is a before of my living room curtains: Not bad just missing the right trim...

Here is the curtains with the trim:

This is beyond is just gross!! I was sitting in the Living Room staring at the curtains when my daughter woke up and came down stairs to join me. She said sweetly..."is that new trim?" I responded softly "yes" She said "mommy, that is so ugly I could cry." I wanted to cry but I was too shocked that my 5 year old knew how ugly it was too...

Not to be defeated I decided..."I will make new curtains. I was really over the brown anyway" because it was not flowing with my black and white dining room. So I went up stairs with my chin held high and started making new curtains with drop cloth material. My loyal friend whom we have worked miracles together. Check out here, here, and here. I thought nothing could go wrong. I had exactly enough material to make two of them...but I need three. Not to worry I will go to the store pick up the drop cloth, make a third one and by the evening I will have 3 new curtains....WRONG!!

Went to home depot to pick up another pack of drop cloth material and it is now a gray color. YUCK!! I tried bleaching it twice and it still does not match. It is hard to tell in the picture but it is really off..

I am left with some options...
1. Make all three curtains out of the grayish drop cloth. Which also means I have to rip all of the trim off the existing 2.
2. Try another Home Depot for a blondish drop cloth so I only have to make 1 more
3. Find a totally new material and start over again...
4. Rip the trim off the brown curtains and stick with brown
5. Go curtain-less...

Right now I am voting for #5 if # 2 does not work out today...

Finally my third sewing goof...I went to get more material for my new kitchen curtains at Walmart and they did not have it anymore. I have two windows and only one curtain right now.

Moral of the Story: If you do not have in your possession all of the material for a not start sewing... you will be disappointed.

Today is Friday, I have a rule: 3 Strikes I am out. I think I am going to paint this weekend!

Actually in the mist of my sewing disappointments I did get an email saying my Simple Chic Slipcover will be featured today At Pink and Polka Dots...There is some light at the end of the tunnel!! Thanks Kristi!!

Have a Blessed Memorial Weekend!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Simple Chic Slipcover

I have a little rocking chair that I received from my parents a couple month back that use to belong to my paternal great-grandmother, BB. It is unique because it is an armless rocking chair and on the tiny side. My great-grandmother was rather petite so I am sure this chair was a perfect fit for her. I am not sure why I offered to take this chair off my parents' hands because honestly I was not totally in love with this chair. I kept it in a corner of my bedroom (seems that all unwanted furniture ends up there.) However, for sentimental reasons I would never get rid of it.

Then last week I decided it was time to work on this chair. I was thinking about painting it but I could not bring myself to do it. Not sure why, I just had a moment of weakness and thought to myself "not EVERYTHING needs to be painted." Then I thought of another way to update this rocking chair. A cute, flirty, chic slipcover!! Here is my great-grandmothers chair now...

Here it is the before: Not the worst, but pretty plain.

Here is a shot of the pleats being constructed for the skirt. I don't have one of those fancy pleat gizmos so I did it all by hand.

To keep the slipcover on I used satin ribbon for the tie back.

Did I mention this is also made this out of drop cloth material?

I think my great-grandmother would be proud to see this chair looking so Chic!!

My Grandmother is coming in from Arizona in a couple of weeks. I can't WAIT for her to see her mother's chair. I should also mention this chair is no longer in my bedroom but proudly displayed in my living room!!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Homemade Gifts From the Heart- May

Welcome to my Gifts from the Heart- May. I am not sure about you but this month has been gift central over here. Whether the gift has been for a birthday, teacher appreciation week, Mother's Day or just saying thank you-I have been BUSY!!!

I wanted to show a few gifts I have completed. I am showing you all this for ideas!!

For a last thank you gift to teachers, assistants, and staff I found this at Beneath My Heart. It is a bag full of mint candy and a nice poem. Everyone loved it. It cost me a total of $9.00 for 6 bags. If you are looking for last minute teacher gifts for the end of the year...this is the ticket.

Then for thank you gifts for all the hard work at MOPS I gave some of the leaders rosette pins.

Gifts do not have to be homemade they can be your time. A few weeks ago my friend asked me to show her how to sew and help her make throw pillows. 2 hours later she was beginning to be confident sewer (so much that she wants to buy a sewing machine) and she has 5 new throw pillows. We also had so much fun together.

She happens to be my MOPS Leader too, so for a thank you gift I gave her a Cupcake Pin Cushion. I saw this idea at Easy Peasy Grandma. Hopefully, she will learn to love sewing and we can have sewing play dates!! Doesn't that sound fun???

Finally, a gift can be trying to help a neighbor with really bad taste...seriously. My sweet neighbor's husband painted his rusty old mailbox "Chrome" the other day...and called the job complete. It looked awful!! We don't have a HOA, but that was unacceptable!!

The wife asked me to fix it. The husband was not offended that I painted over his spaceship looking mailbox. He actually really likes it!! They promise me they are going to paint the post but we shall see.

That was a long list, sorry, but I told you I have been busy.

Now I would love to see what you have done this month. Show me your homemade gifts, or as I showed above it can be helping a neighbor or taking time to teach a friend a new craft. I love giving homemade gifts and my goal here is to inspire others to give homemade gifts as well.

Link up today and show us some of your homemade gifts!!

Also, if you link you have another entry in my clutch purse giveaway.

Reunion Outfit and Purse Decision

Last weekend was my fabulous reunion. I clearly remember how much fun college was and this weekend was like old times but better. I can't explain it, it was just awesome!! As worried as I was about my outfit my accessories, it wasn't about that at all. It was about friends and reconnecting and having fun (which we did, I probably had too much fun.) Sometimes I get caught up in the wrong things like material things and outward appearance. I have to remember my friends like me for who I am on the inside. I am little crazy at times, a little goofy, but I have a good heart. I am so blessed to have so many good friends!!

With that being said here are a few pictures of me and my friends! I love my friends!! (I am the first row, center)

Here are the "Accounting Girls" Did you know I was/am an accountant??? 2 one from the right. All these girls are WAY smarter then me...that is why I sew now...

If you have God, Family, and Friends everything else is just a bonus!! Saturday's outfit to me was just a bonus.

This is totally staged days afterward, because I was too embarrassed to get someone to take a picture of me solo Sat. evening. My skirt was made from a vintage dress from my grandmother. Shirt was from Kohl's. Then you all can see which purse I picked.

I thought it was the perfect accessory. Thank you so much for all your help in making my decision!!

Thank you to all the reunion girls who looked on to see which one I would choose!!

There is still a chance to win one of these purses (new of course) Go here to enter.

Also tomorrow is Gifts From the Heart Linking Party here on my blog. Show us some of your homemade gifts you have made this month!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Back Door Welcoming Sign

The way my house is laid out almost all my frequent guests (neighbors, family, and friends) go through my garage. I like it that people (I know) are comfortable using the back door rather then my front door. To show them how welcomed they are in my home I made this sign!!

Isn't it welcoming???

Here are the supplies you need.

Frame, Burlap, tape, paint, and Letter Stamps (all supplies I had on-hand, cost $0)

Remember to always recycle!! This is the same frame I used for my Easter Decor.

Wrap the burlap around the backer board of a frame. I kept the original board from this frame because I knew I would find a use for it one day.

Stamp your letters trying to keep as centered as possible. Mine are not 100% level but I do not have those fancy see-through stamps they have out these day. (My stamps are 5 years old and this is the first time I have ever used them)

I am sure you noticed I used an "R" rather then "are" I thought it would be a little bit more trendy. I did just win a Trendy Treehouse Award from Those Northern Skies. Thanks, Melissa!

Then add any type of decor you want to your frame. I added a star fish from my sister's wedding 3 years ago. (Have you figured out that- I keep everything?!?!)

I have to share my inspiration. At my Grandmother's house this plaque has greeted all of her back door guests for the past 15 years.

This is my back door area. I hope my guests feel very welcomed to my humble home!!

Now I just need to clean up all the junk in my garage so everything looks just as welcoming!

Also, don't forget to enter in my clutch purse give away. It it ends May 31st. PLUS, on the 20-25th of every month I have a Linking Party Called Gifts From the Heart. I would love for you to join me and show us some of your homemade gifts you made this month!!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Clutch Purse Decision and Give Away

If you read my post yesterday, here, then you know this weekend is my 10 year college reunion and I am very excited. I already have my skirt that I made from my grandmother's dress so now I need to accessorize it. I need your help deciding which one to carry Saturday night.

Many people own really nice purses. Me, I make mine. AND I didn't make one for this occasion, I made two!!

I started off by making a burlap clutch. Why burlap? Why not?

I got the pattern from J Caroline's Website This is my set-up cutting out my pattern. I think it is so funny that I read instructions from my cell phone.

Then I added a rosette pin to the outside. I love all the textures on this. I serged the edges, then made the rosette and added a little bling. If you are not carrying the purse you can just wear the pin. It is 2-in-1 deal.

Then I started thinking, maybe I need something a little more fancier. With the same pattern I made this clutch. I love the pop of pink on the top.

I got this material at Wal mart. It is funny 15 years ago I would of rather died a slow painful death rather then step into a Wal mart. Now, I go at least once a month. Wow, times change.

So here are the two I have to choose from....

Here is the skirt I am wearing on Saturday with a Black sleeveless top.

Which one would you carry??

I should also show the insides. Hot pink all the way.

On to the give away....I am giving away one of these clutches.

Here is how to win...

1. Tell me which one I should carry on Saturday for my reunion. **A girl always needs another woman's opinion that is how we roll. Then tell me which one you want.

2. Become a follower (If you are a follower or become a follower put it in a separate comment)

3. On May 20th I will be have another Linking Party called "Gifts From the Heart." Submit a link of a Homemade Gift!!

4. You can also post about my give away for another entry.

Give Away ends May 31st!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vintage Dress Reinvented for Reunion Weekend

This coming weekend is my fabulous 10 year college reunion. I am so excited to see faces I have not seen in quite sometime, hang out with friends that are near and far, and just relax. I am especially excited about this reunion, because I was unable to attend my 5 year reunion. I was expecting my first child and was going to pop at any minute.

Now that I will be attending this year's reunion I feel like I have lots to prepare for...first thing is the outfit. Unfortunately, I have let too much time lapse and have not gone shopping like I planned too to find the perfect outfit.

Then this past weekend while going through my Grandmother's home she gave me LOTS of possibilities. LOOK AT MY CAR...My husband was less then pleased but this time did not say a word.

Here is the diamond in the rough that my Grandmother wore when she was 20ish. At the time she had a 17 1/2" waist....she was CRAZY skinny, and wonderful taste. She also made this dress (I got my talent from her!!)

I had a couple of obstacles I was working around, holes, stains and strings.

I cut off the top and washed the bottom material. It washed beautifully. You have to remember this material is 40+ years old.

Because under slips are not my thing but huge in the 50's I needed to make a lining. Never underestimate the usage of old bed sheets.

These were my brother's sheets from his days at a military school.

Zero Dollars later an hour of my time....

The final product. I LOVE IT!! I will be so proud to wear this skirt this weekend. I will show after pictures once I am all dolled up!

Here is the skirt with the lining....bed is our secret...

Thank you Mamma II!! First for a wonderful weekend, second for teaching me how to be frugal and crafty all at the same time, and lastly for being such a wonderful inspirational woman!! Love you!

Now I need to think about my accessories. Come back tomorrow and help me pick out my handbag, plus a give away!!

I am having a give away too. Go check it out. Ends May 31st.
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