Sunday, December 5, 2010

Personalized Barrette Gifts

I have a friend that has two little girls and they always are so fashionable (thanks to a Mommy with excellent taste.) The girls have birthdays around this time of year, so part of their gift I made them personalized barrettes (yes, E this is spelled right now I tend to be a VERY BAD SPELLER) to add to their collection of accessories!

Isn't this cute??? And so simple.

First, you steal from your daughter's stash of beads some letters.
What??? She wasn't using them. (Or she won't now!!)

Then you your supplies: a gator clip, needle, thread, 1/4" ribbon and E-6000 glue (best glue out there)
1. Wrap the gator clip with ribbon and glue down.

2. Thread your needle and on one side (doesn't matter) put the needle in the ribbon (Through the top half, don't sew top and bottom together). Run your needle through all the letters and stitch on the other side (This is for extra security.) There should be enough movement in the beads that you can slip some glue underneath.

VERY IMPORTANT!! Double check on the birthday announcement for the proper spelling. THIS IS THE RIGHT SPELLING (Not how it was shown before, told you I was a bad speller)!!

Another version. I had enough room on this one to add a decorative button.
Great personalized hair barrettes. GREAT GIFTS for little girls!! I will be making more of these!!

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kasthurirajam said...

beautiful gifts

Elizabeth said...

Super cute...thanks for the laugh!

To Sew With Love said...

Wow! these are so cute!!!

Melissa said...

Very cute. I like Siena with the ladybug.

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

Awesome idea, I have a bunch of letter beads and I would never have thought to make them into barrettes. I think I'm going to make some tomorrow night!

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