Monday, October 25, 2010

2 is Better Then 1- Minnie Mouse Costumes

2 is always better then 1, especially when it comes to two cute Minnie Mouse Costumes!! Last Friday I told you about how I was able to make my daughter's Halloween Costume for free with the gift of bartering. Now I can share with you both of the Minnie Mouse Costumes.

Two is better then one!!

I didn't get the best picture of the two "Minnie Mouse" because they were to busy watching other people at a Halloween Party we went too. But you get the idea! PRECIOUS!!

People who didn't know us at the party thought they were sisters. It makes me super excited that next Halloween maybe Lawson and Baby Girl will dress up the same or be in coordinating outfits.

McKenna making her debut as Minnie Mouse. Isn't she just ADORABLE???

McKenna and her Mommy (my sister).

Thanks again to my sister for the great barter! It worked out beautifully on both sides and how neat that we could get the two girls together.


Bates family said...

SO cute! I love all the pictures!! The last one of Lauren and McKenna is a great one!!

Melissa said...

Absolutely adorable - what a great sister you are.

kasthurirajam said...

cute babies

Blair said...

I love these Minnie Mouse costumes! You did a great job and I'm impressed by the barter :).

For ideas for next year or to see other craft ideas, check out our site at:

Tasha said...

So adorable!!!!

GeorgiaBE said...

Adorable! I've managed to get my 3 girls (10,4,2) to dress up in theme...couldn't get my son to participate!

It's fun and something you'll have to look forward to!

Lauren said...

I love that McKenna and Lawson were matching. Everyone thought they were sisters. So cute. Thank you Mar, I'll barer with you anytime!

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