Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kindergarten and Haircuts

I haven't done one thing in the creative department this week. Too much going on. My 1st child, started kindergarten this week. It has been a very big week for us. We are trying to figure out our new schedule for everyone involved. Plus, I am on this stupid cooking craze (one that I promise won't last long because I am NOT a good cook.) So that has been taking up my "happy hour" or better known as naptime hour.
I wanted to share with you my sweet little girl's picture from her first day of school. I am so proud of her!!

I wanted to share something else I did this week. My friends are going to make fun of me but I don't care. I cut my hair. Literally, I cut my hair myself. Not just a trim...I am talking 3-4". Don't believe me check out my trash can.

This has been my summer hair-do. Pulled back in a low ponytail. It was getting on my nerves and my hair was thinning were my ponytail holder was always in place.
So here is my new hair cut....
Before you think I am truly the cheapest person on the planet let me tell you why I have started cutting my own hair.
1. I don't like taking children to the hair salon (my kids don't sit still and it is too stressful)
2. I don't like listening to hair salon people. They typically are having a fantastic conversation with the person in the next booth OR they are telling me TMI. Not a fan.
3. I really don't like my hair so I am never satisfied whether I spend $10-$60 for a haircut. Therefore, it never is a good haircut so I feel ripped off.
4. I normally always have to trim my hair from a haircut so why not skip the middle wo/man.
There you have it. I cut my own hair. If my haircut looks familiar it is because...I only know one style.
(I cut both of our hair)


Mommy said...

I LOVE the haircut! TOTALLY IMPRESSED! Wanna do mine? ;-) Got your phone message; thanks for checking on us. I'll be in touch! Love, Heather

Lauren said...

Great haircuts! Will wants me to start cutting his hair. HA! This should be fun.

Melissa said...

Your haircuts look great!! I love her dress, she looks darling!!

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