Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Fall - New Purse

Fall 2010 is officially here!!

My son (2.5 years old) told me after preschool "Today is the first day of fall isn't that exciting??" I told him "Yes it is" but I think our reasons are different. Mine is the hopes of cooler weather and I can start carrying the new purse I just made (and maybe pumpkin scented candles.) I love the fall!!!

Here is my new fall/winter purse. Made with wool from my mom's collection (probably 30 yrs old)

The colorful inside from my Aunt Joanne's collection.

Oh then there are the 4 rings. They had to come from somewhere....

Recycled from my spring/summer bag. I loved this bag but it was getting dirty and I was ready for something new. So snip snip off go the rings.

So welcome fall...and new purse!

I love making something beautiful for no money!! It makes me happy!!

Also, have I mentioned before...I love the Fall!!

Happy Fall!!


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Melissa said...

What a beautiful color green. I love that all the pieces came from 'somewhere' and you know where that somewhere was and it was free.

Jill said...

love love love the new purse! You are so creative and talented.

Tasha said...

Love love LOOOVE this purse. I cannot believe you just made it with stuff you had (or your family had). I love it. It looks totally store bought too. Fun! Thanks for coming over and linking up. I love that you do.

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

This is lovely, I really like that shade of green and hey 20 years or not at least it's being put to good use!

PS: I gave you an award in tomorrow's post.

PS 2: I have a linky party on Thursdays now, I'd love it if you came by and joined sometime!

Farah Muzaffar said...

very beautiful I love the colour of your bag very much and love that you like to do projects with spending money. thats the spirit and creativity I feel... great..

I hope you pay a visit to me if you have little time, hope you enjoyed my new post...Love

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