Thursday, August 26, 2010

Drab to Fab- Little Black Maternity Dress

I recently helped host a "Couple baby shower" for a friend (okay when I say recent that is relative because it was late July, but my months are flying by so that only seems like a couple of days ago. Moving on...

Everything was planned and I wanted to look the part. Although I was not really showing I didn't feel comfortable in anything I owned. I decided to reinvent a dress I had inherited from my MIL into this...

(please ignore the quality of the pictures my 46" photographer was doing the best she could do)

Here is how the dress started....can you say frumpy? It was only 2 sizes too big but the material was of excellent quality.

How I did it:
I cut from the bottom of the arm holes all the way across- front and back. Then I sewed down one side to downsize the side seams. At the top to make it a little bit more tailored I added a box pleat in the middle of the breasts. This way it was fitted around my chest and left room for baby to grow. (Easy way to make maternity clothes)

Again, sorry for the quality of this picture but you can see the box pleat very well in this picture. No baby bump yet- but I was really comfortable.

Then I turned over the top 1 1/4" Added black 1" elastic and sewed it up. Here is the back. Best part...I didn't have to hem it. Once I cut off the armholes and turned it over for the elastic it was the right length!

I love this dress and I have worn it several times since I have made it. It cost me $1.00 in black elastic. Reinventing clothes is the best!!

(If you are wondering-I normally do not have such a pointy chest, I was trying to get pictures without pulling out my strapless bra...this is what I get for being lazy!)

Last wee I highlighted some other fabulous bloggers who re-purpose clothes as well! Check them out.

Today I am participating in these Parties.

make it wear it

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Anji* said...

Well done - the dress looks fabulous!

Melissa said...

It looks wonderful and I agree repurposed clothes really are the best because it saves you time and if you work at it some of the really professional finishing you can't do on a simple machine like mine is preserved.

Vivienne said...

I haven't been around, so I didn't know you were pregnant! Congrats! You look fabulous in the dress, and I like your photographer just fine!

La Maison Reid said...

What a great make-over! I have a huge box of STUFF going to GW...I should check out the possibilities or reusing some of those old clothes!

Tasha said...

Amazing. I would have never guessed it came from the other dress. Don't you love when you can take something you have and turn it into something cute and perfect. Love it. Thank you for linking it up. It made me happy. Hope you have a good weekend.

The Smittys said...

you can wear that awesome dress not pregnant too! :) great work!

Andrea @ said...

Wow!! Such a great change! Hot mama!

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