Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vintage Pattern for Classic Nightgown

First, I want to thank all of the people to who left the sweet notes as we shared our happy news of our pregnancy! I really appreciate the well wishes. I am starting to feel a little bit more like myself and starting to sew a little bit more. The other thing that has hit me like a two ton mac truck is I need to be more frugal then ever!! With 3 kids to feed and cloth we have our work cut out for us!

Which leads me to the nightgown I made my daughter. My daughter is extra sensitive and if one thing rubs her the wrong way she will never wear it again. We never fight over this at all...honest! Her nightgown and pajama selection was dwindling down to nothing and she needed something fast.

I looked through some old vintage patterns my grandmother had given me and this is what I found....

Hello, 1950's pattern!!

She said "it looked like Ariel's nightgown." She also picked out the material (shopped in all my boxes of material) and trim. It always helps if she gets to pick everything out

Here is Lawson's Vintage "Ariel" Nightgown.

When my mom saw her in this nightgown she remembered having nightgowns just like this made by her mom (or my grandmother). Isn't that cool??

The best part...SHE LOVES HER NIGHTGOWN~ Designed by Lawson

The other wonderful part...this nightgown cost me 20 cents! That helps the family budget!!

If you are a seamstress look through some old vintage patterns what was old is new again. Designs do not change that much just the material!

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Melissa said...

Oh!! It is lovely!! I can't wait to see what my Mom brings for my girls this weekend. She said she was making them nightgowns like her Mom used to make her!!

Kids can be sooooooooo frustrating. K, my youngest, just got done really pushing my buttons about food!!

I really lost my temper too and yelled very loudly... :(

Lori said...

Well congrats!!!
I love the nightgown!!! Great job.

Tasha said...

That turned out so cute. I love it. And congratulations on baby 3. :)

Tayebug said...

I love that. My daughter likes to wear gowns like that. Your daughter looks very cute in hers.

simplydesigning.blogspot.com said...

Oh I just think this is adorable! And so cheap!!!

Thanks for linking up!

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