Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pillow Talk- Southern Style

I recently ran across (again) this fabulous article called "Pillow Talk" in Southern Living Before and Afters from July 2009. It talks about pillow placement and "to ditch the pillows that came with your sofa and start with a blank canvas." Here is there fabulous example.

It was time for me to make an instant couch make-over!! Here are there specs.

1. The Anchor Pillows (the two on the end) should be a matching pair but does not match the couch. Check.

2. Interest Pillows should be "two pillows with different fabrics and shapes for off-center interest." Well, I kinda did this. If you notice the Monogram pillow in the sample is in the center. I decided I didn't like the monogram pillow in the center because it matched the other interest pillow. Semi-check

3. Statement Pillow (Center) should be a large lumbar pillow. This pillow matches my dining room and pulls that pattern into the living room. Check.

Now here is a snapshot of this wall. I think it is coming together nicely.

All these pillows were made by me. So, if I every get bored with them or it just stops working for me I can make some new ones. I love Pillows!!

Thank you Southern Living. My couch looks very southern now!!


Lauren said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these pillows.

Melissa said...

They look great - the blue is so soothing on your neutral couch!!

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