Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Drop Cloth Living Room Curtain

If you read my post on Friday, here, you know I was very distressed and nothing was going my way. I started in one direction with my living room curtains only to create the ugliest curtains on the planet. Then changed direction and decided to use drop cloth material only to have enough for 2 of them, went to buy more drop cloth for it to be the wrong color...NOTHING WAS GOING RIGHT. Now everything is right and I have to tell the whole story of how I got 3 matching curtains.

Friday morning my "Jesus Calling" book by Sarah Young says this for May 29th and I quote:

I know precisely what you need to draw me nearer to Me. Go through each day looking for what I have prepared for you. Accept every event as My hand-tailored provision for your needs. When you view your life this way, the most reasonable response is to be thankful. Do not reject any of My gifts; find Me in every situation.

God is amazing because on Friday May 29th he truly did speak to me. He knows my heart!!

This crazy silly situation did bring me closer to God (please do not think of me as shallow,) I seriously prayed 10 prayers that another Home Depot would have the right colored Drop Cloth. My prayer were answered. I found the right colored drop cloth at the first Home Depot I visited and by Friday afternoon I had three new living room curtains. In response to God's provisions I am SO Thankful.

All three curtains are done. Can you see all the other things to do???

This makes me happy...

Drop Cloth Curtains...it is a great thing!!

Make it Yours @ My Backyard Eden

Get your craft on Thurs.
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Melissa said...

In response to God's provisions I am SO Thankful.


They look great too...He cares when we are frustrated and sometimes the coolest answers come when we turn to Him at those times....

Or maybe I am shallow too. :)

The Pennington Point said...

Amazing! I love the fringe along the bottom. Great job! Lisa~

trish said...

What a great job!! Your curtains look wonderful! :o)
Have a nice day.
Sincerely ~ Tricia

Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

I love how your curtains turned out! and thank you for sharing your story :D

I feel like that with every project I do. Seriously!

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