Monday, February 15, 2010

Monogrammed Pillowcase Gift

I hit my first real challenge this weekend coming up with a gift for my son for Valentine's Day. Nothing seemed appropriate and thought I would have to resort to a match box car. Then on Friday night I remembered I made pillowcases last year for some of my daughter's friends and they seemed to be a hit.

A quick tutorial for making a pillowcase.
1.Find material that your child loves. I picked Lightening McQueen for my son. Cut piece 2 pieces of material 22" X33" long.
2.If you do not have a serger (I do, unfortunately do not know how to string it) make a 1/4" stitch with wrong sides together on 2 side. One short side and one long side. Then turn right sides together, on the same sides of the 1/4" stitch.and stitch a 1/2" seam. Makes for a beautiful seam inside. See below.
3. On the unfinished side turn over 1/2" Press.
4, Then turn over 3" Press and stitch down.
Then your pillow is finished. To add a more personalized touch I added my son's monogram

Monogramming a Pillowcase
Print off letters from Microsoft. This was in Raavi text, the J & W were in 175 Font and the F was in 300 font. Copy onto interfacing.

Iron interfacing to material. I chose felt for this project. Cut out letters. Center letters on material. Stitch around all letters.

Finished Lightening McQueen Pillowcase for my son for Valentine's Day. I really love the monogram!! Gives it an extra special touch!

He LOVES it! I didn't realize I put him in Lightening McQueen PJs the night before. So he matches! Here he is opening his gift Valentine's Day!

I have to add that my husband's homemade gift from me and my daughter was a strawberry cake. Decorated by my daughter!!
All Strictly Homemade!!

Today I am participating in these parties!! Go check out the other talent!!
Keeping It Simple

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That is super cute!

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