Monday, February 1, 2010

February Agenda

Remember my challenge of all gifts homemade? January there were lots of parties & special occasions and everything was Strictly Homemade. I have to say for the first month of my challenge everything went beautifully. I do believe my homemade gifts were well received (at least they acted like they like them.) Since today is February 1st it is time to think about all the gifts that need to be made the for the month.

1. Feb 13th- 5 year old birthday party - Make-up Pouch and Flower Bow

2. Feb 11th- Preschool Valentine's Day Party: Teacher Gift (Gift of Sanitizer and Bathtowel) & Valentines Card Exchange

3. Feb 14th- Gifts for Wesley (Monogrammed Pillowcase), Lawson (Hair Bow Flower Bouquet), & Hubby-Valentine's Day

4. Feb 18th-21st- Girl's Weekend in Florida , Pouches for Friends (Strictly Homemade Gift for Mommy)

I think that sums it up for gifts. This will be a pretty light month! Then add to that making my BFF's bedding for her baby girl and possibly new kitchen curtains for me. Then of course all the crafts and small projects in between!! Wow, I do know how to make myself busy!! Hope you stay tuned!!

Edit: March 3, 2010 - No kitchen curtians yet

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