Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Back from Florida and Give-Away Winner

On Sunday I got back from my trip to Orlando, FL where I spent 4 days with my 5 of my college friends. I had the best time! It is so funny that no matter how much time has lapsed between visits (2+ years) we can all get together and it seem like just a day has passed. We shopped, laughed a lot, and ate really well and just hung out! There is nothing like not being on a schedule!

I had so much fun and already miss them tremendously. We are already planning our trip next year…hehe!!

I did give my little gift to my friends this weekend and they all seemed to appreciate them. Hopefully they use them, if they don’t it is the thought that counts, right???
I loved reading all about your friends. I believe that friends are an essential part of life. It makes life complete. I am so lucky to have lots of friends!

I wish I could send each one of you a bag to send to your friend because there is nothing like surprising someone with a small gift out of the blue to tell them you love them. I also am adding a small gift for you or you can give it to your friend as well. While I was shopping I was looking for something unique and this is what I found.

Isn’t it pretty? “Inspire Others.” I couldn’t say it better myself…but there is something else. It is PooPooPaper. Paper made from elephant poop. I know you are thinking “Great, I get crap,” but hear me out... So much of blog land is making something beautiful out of nothing. Well, this company truly takes waste/crap and makes something out of it. How ingenious, how smart, how crap-o-rrific (sorry I had to throw that in there.) So that is my give-away. A bag with your friend's initial on it with a quote inside and a Poopoopaper notepad.
The winner is....

Congratulations to Wolfpacker’s Angel. I had no idea who was going to win this give-away until today. The Wolfpacker’s Angel happens to be a college classmate of mine. I bought this Poopoopaper that says “Inspire Others” because I was thinking “crafty.” Let me tell you this now has a new meaning for me. Shannon is truly the most inspirational person I know. I don’t think she will mind if I direct you to her blog. She is one amazing woman.
Thank you to all that participated in my little give-away. It was fun! I want to especially thank my friends and family who know me personally for your support on this silly corner of the web. It means a lot to me to have your support whether you follow me, have me on your blog lists, or just check in on me every once in a while!! Thank you! Now, I need to take a nap...I am still exhausted!!

1 comment:

Wolfpacker's Angel said...

YAY!!! I'm so excited. I honestly couldn't decide which friend I wanted to give this to, but Julie is definitely deserving.

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