Friday, February 26, 2010

5 year old Make-up Pouch & Final Touches

Thinking of a gift for a 5 year old is not as easy as one may think. Especially when your goal is to make EVERYTHING Homemade!!

I decided to make my daughter's friend a make-up pouch (like seen here, except this was the first one I made and inspired me to make them for my friends) a flower hair bow, and Lip Smacker Make-up.

Inside of the make-up pouch...

I am slow on some things but I have come to realize that the gift wrapping is as important as the gift. I went through my stuff to help embellish the bag.

Here is the tag...A flower (hint to what is on the inside), old scrapbook paper and used this corner thingy (didn't know I had it until I started digging in my junk) and on trimmed with glitter.

Now that is a gift tag!!

I think February was a success and everything was - Strictly Homemade

1 comment:

Vivienne said...

The wrapping TOTALLY makes the gift. It's darling.

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