Friday, May 29, 2015

Downtown Garner T-shirts!!!

Show your support for your hometown of Garner, NC!!!!

This is a Grassroot effort to show we support the growth of Downtown Garner!!! (I am in no way affiliated with the town of Garner) just a citizen!  It is in my heart to see our small downtown become a Great Downtown area that supports small, local businesses.  The more people aware of DTG and the great efforts being made by GRA (Garner Revitalization Association) the more great things will happen!!!

I am selling one-of-a-kind shirts with the DTG logo!! The shirts have a large logo on the back and a small logo on the front pocket area.  I have set everything up through my business page to order.  I am placing this order on Sunday June 1st.  Local pick-up only!! I will contact you with a time and place for pick-up.   I hope that many my local Garner friends will wear these to Downtown Sounds on June 7th.  

4 colors available: (adult sizes only)

Brown/Cream Distressed - $22.00
Navy/White Distressed- $22.00
Pink/white- $20.00
White/black- $20.00


Sizes- Adult Only

**With enough sales I can donate some of the proceed to DTG to help with the beautification! 

I am so excited about this project!!

 We as a community we can do anything!!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

BIG THANK YOU TO YOU- FREE 18" Doll Patterns

This year's holiday season was a huge success for Strictly Homemade. It all started out as a simple blog with a year of homemade gifts. I had so much fun and it was the best year of giving nothing but homemade gifts.

 Then I started making AGD patterns for my daughter's doll. I offered this free Fleece Doll Patterns and over 3 years has been viewed over 50K times :)

My pattern collection grew, but it wasn't where I felt where I wanted to move forward with.

  Then I started making custom clothing, scarves and I really felt I found my niche.
This year alone I have made over 100 bow ties for little boys.  300 infinity scarves, and 40 little girl dresses.  Along with lots of other custom items.  I added the ability to monogram my items and that has taken my designs to the next level. 
I am very excited to what 2014 will bring Strictly Homemade.  I have some awesome ideas that will hopefully be well received!!!!  It is going to be an awesome year!!!

As a huge thank you to those that have been with me from the beginning I thought I would offer my original followers and new followers a gift of homemade. I am listing ALL of my 18" patterns on this blog post from today until Jan 1, 2014 FOR FREE!!!!

Use them anyway you like just don't send out the pattern to others or resale them!!!


Annabelle Skirts
(No picture included)

Thank you a million times over for making 2013 such a successful year for Strictly Homemade.  I am living my dream to be a small business owner and making people believe in homemade garments!!! 


Hope you all had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! XXOO



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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Giveaway from In AWE Designs

Hello there!  I'm Angie from In AWE Designs and I want to begin with a special thank you to Strictly Homemade for allowing me to be do a guest post for her today.  In AWE Designs began 4 months ago as a "let's see what will happen" kind of deal.   I've always enjoyed creating things to give as gifts but had never tried to sell these things.  I had a group of friends that truly encouraged me to make this my dream job by doing what I love while being able to work at home.  So, I took the plunge and couldn't be happier.  AWE Profile Pic I focus on making totally custom items for people with vinyl.  You see, I would go into a store and find an item that I loved.  Maybe it was a package containing wall vinyl quotes, a cup, a bracelet... whatever.  While I loved the item, I found that more times than not it just didn't work for me.  Wrong font, wrong color, too big, too small, not personal enough... the list goes on and on.  I know I'm not the only one that has been there.  Because of this, I wanted to be able to meet the needs of people that wanted to choose their own font, color, and yes, even their own size.  Owen's Baseball This is what I've built my business around.  I make items personal just for you.  Of course, I do have a few ready made gifts but for the most part, what I do is personal for you.  I have new items all the time and would love you to be some of the first to know about them.  Head on over to and like my page so you can be in the know too! Strictly Homemade and I are teaming up with a great giveaway!  I'll be giving away one of these AWEsome bracelets to one lucky person.  You choose the color, the vinyl, and the personalization.  Choose one to represent your favorite team during football season or choose one to match your newest Strictly Homemade shirt, scarf, or dress! Photo Aug 29, 9 52 30 AM
Bracelets are $10 each, if you don’t win be sure to contact Angie to order your own.
Giveaway Ends September 6th at 12AM EST.  Enter through Rafflecopter. 
Like In AWE Designs on Facebook for 1 Entry
Like Strictly Homemade on Facebook for 1 Entry
Share on Facebook for 2 Entries and leave us a comment on FB saying you did!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Thank you, Angie for sponsoring this AWEsome giveaway. Good luck friends!!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cheers to Chad Fun Run and T-shirt

I interrupt my normal erratic postings to post something that is very personal. 

11 years ago I lost my little brother, Chad.  He was 22 years old, just graduated from VMI and had the whole world in front of him.  On August 30, 2002 he went to sleep and never woke up.  Our world has not been the same as anyone who lost a loved one.  It has taken years for us to come to terms of the inevitable question “why?”  We still don’t know the answer but I do know he is in a better place.

This year on the anniversary of when Chad became an angel we are doing something different.  We are sad, we still miss him with every ounce of our being, BUT we are going to celebrate the time we had with him.  On October 19, family and friends from near and far are going to gather to run a Fun Run and our team name is “Cheers to Chad”  This race couldn’t be better timed as it is also Chad and Ryan’s (his identical twin) birthday!!! This Fun Ran is a race were we run 1K then drink a beer!!  *If you are a friend and interested in more information please contact me at

Chad would LOVE THIS RACE!!!

Of course, all good events need a great t-shirt.  A friend designed this awesome t-shirt design!!  We wanted to offer the t-shirt to his friends near and far!


This is not a fundraiser nor are we profiting from the t-shirt sales.  This is strictly the cost of the t-shirt and shipping.  I will be taking preorders for the shirts now through Sept 7, 2013.  I will then place the order and we should have the t-shirts within 2 weeks from that time.   T-shirt cost are $15.  If you are running the race please contact me and do not order from this link! 

Cheers to Chad Collage


Thank you!! 

I love you, Chad!!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Take a Poll for your favorite ACC Team! Plus a Giveaway

College Football season is opening up in a few more weeks, and I am excited!! I always get excited!  I just love everything about football (except the injuries). I love the energy, the adrenalin, the football team, the marching band and tailgating.  Okay, I will be honest…I haven’t been to a game since I was pregnant with my son (who is 5) but I still love it all. 

As part of my excitement I love creating team spirited clothing.  Over the years I have made dresses, burp cloths, doll clothes, etc.  This year I am making Color Block Scarves in team colors!  Here happens to be an example of a scarf inspired by my beloved NCSU :)

Maridith Fitts Picture

Here are some other samples… Garnet & Gold for FSU, Navy and Sky Blue for UNC, Royal Blue & Black- Duke…


In the spirit of the game. I thought it would be fun to have a little fun!  I am setting up a Poll here on my blog!  Vote for you favorite team, and be sure to share this link with your friends on FB who cheer for the same team, BECAUSE…

The team that wins the most votes, I will be giving away a scarf with those team colors!!! 


If ECU wins, I will host a giveaway for this scarf…


If Syracuse wins…


The poll will close Friday at 1PM, the team will be announced and the giveaway will be this weekend. 

If you would like to order your own here is the link to order your own. Color block scarves are $25.00.  {SHOP}

Good luck and may the team with the most fan win!!

Go Vote!! What ACC Team will you be cheering for?

Monday, July 22, 2013

1st Birthday T-shirt Upcycled to Keepsake Teddy bear

A personalized shirt could either go into a box and rot away OR you could upcycle it to a priceless keepsake!!!

I prefer keepsakes!!

Karen Bear 4 

What I did anyone can do and I wanted to share with you how I did it, so if you are inclined you could do the same.

A couple of months ago one of my son’s preschool teachers asked me “can you make me something with my son’s 1st birthday shirt?” 


Notice the word “something

I asked her what she had in mind and her response was simple “Surprise me” 

Holy cow!!! As scary and kind of intimidating as that can be, I was excited about the challenge.  Surprise me….

I searched Pintrest, the internet and marketing catalogs but nothing really spoke to me.  I could of done a blanket but really another blanket??  I could of done a pillow but that is kind of *boring too.  *For me as a seamstress.

It took me a while but I finally decided the perfect plan was to make a teddy bear.

How I made the bear…

I used a free pattern on How Joyful. I enlarged it and made it work specifically for my need.  Let me forewarn you. The pattern instructions are very very vague. The pattern pieces are great.  Therefore, if you are an intermediate seamstress you should have no problems, I would steer away from this bear tutorial if you are a beginner.  There are plenty out there with better instructions.

Karen Bear 1

To make this bear a true keepsake I finished off this keepsake teddy bear with special details.  I added a zipper on the back seam with a pocket on the inside.  This allows for keepsakes like pictures, notes, or small items that mean something to Charlie and his mom.  How wonderful would it be years from now to find all these wonderful treasures inside the bear!!

Karen Bear 5

Then to add a few finishing touches I put a gingham heart on the palm of the bear.  Representing that this little boy has his mommy’s heart!!!

Karen Bear 2

As a seamstress it was my absolute pleasure to make this bear!!

Karen Bear 3

As I was finishing this bear I thought of ways to make this even more unique and personalized. Maybe you could use some of these ideas.

1. Make the bear out of old baby blankets that belonged to the baby

2. Use old baby clothes and make a unique and crazy quilt style bear. Every piece would be made from different clothing articles.

You are only limited to your imagination!!

I am very grateful to Charlie’s mom who trusted me enough to make something she will keep forever!!!!  I hope she loves it as much as I enjoyed making it!!!  If you are interested in me making something for you or would just like some ideas for a keepsake email me!! 


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Monogrammed Seersucker Bows for the Summer!

It is summer time and summer time means SEERSUCKER season.  Yippee!!

In honor of all things southern a timeless classic material with a beautiful monogram!


Boy’s Bow Tie: $22.00

  • Measures 4” across and 2” wide.
  • Velcro closure with a matching band around the neck, helps adjust.
  • 3 Lengths available: 15”, 16”, 17”

Girl’s Monogrammed Hair Bows: $17.00

  • Sizes: Small  4” across and 2'” wide or Large 5” across and 3” wide. 
  • Availble with covered clip, or headband

Color Options:

Girls Monogrammed Bow Tie 1 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.  All items are handmade by me and monogramming is by Mayken Stitches.

Seersucker Bow 3 DSC_0778

To order please go to my SHOP Page!  Thank you!!

If you are interested in a matching onsie dress.  Email me at  Prices start at $17. 



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